Time to knuckle down…

We’re back and raring to go after the holiday! Your challenge this week is to complete 250 Read Theory quizzes by Friday. If EVERYONE does 2 each night between Tuesday and Friday evening that’s 240 towards your total…

Also, I’d like you to begin some serious memorisation of the knowledge organiser – the end of topic quiz will be upon us before we know it!

Test yourself now:

What year was the Mines Act passed?

What year did the first workhouses open?

In what year did school become compulsory for children aged between 5-10?

Who did Queen Victoria succeed?

Can you name 5 places that were part of the British Empire?


3 thoughts on “Time to knuckle down…

  1. Hi miss I wonder if we will get 250 kp I am excited to start the world book day thing for world book day I am dressing up as the tiger who came to tea or the tiger from jungle book call me either I wonder what you are going to be

  2. Hi Miss, I wonder if we could go for a higher target for our Read Theory ? I have done 5 quizzes I think.

    1. Hi Lexi. leave it with me and I’ll give you an update shortly…
      Have you been having fun in the snow?

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