Jack C’s Challenge

A challenge for you guys to do over the holidays!!!! If we have a look at how many knowledge points I got (519) divide that by 12 and then times it by 7, what number will I get?

13 thoughts on “Jack C’s Challenge

  1. Hi miss I can’t wait for you to read my write. Also I have nearly finished Tom gates and when I finish it I have got one more to read but I still haven’t read them all. The only two I have got are dog zombies rule and top of the class for now but then I have no more to read and I have just finished bad dad

  2. Hi miss today I started my comparison homework project I really liked seeing the difference today I played banangrams I played against my dad and I won

  3. Hi miss I haven’t been on the blog for a bit because I have been so busy on Wednesday I played 2 rounds of banangrams with my grandma and I won both I can’t wait to see you on Monday

  4. Hi miss the other day I watched muppets Christmas carol and it was quite close to the book. I finished my Tom gates book and now I’m on my final one. I’m definitely going to ask my mum for the rest . Miss do you prefer books that aren’t based from a film or one that is based against a film? And which one is more effective?

    1. That’s an easy question for me: I 100% prefer to read a book first. I do like to watch film adaptations afterwards though to see if they’ve made the film how I imagined it as I was reading. In fact, there’s a film of the book ‘Mortal Engines’ coming out at the end of the year that I’m looking forward to.

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