12 thoughts on “Samantha’s Philosophy Question

  1. I would say Spring because in Worksop its not too hot and not too cold so i would say that Spring is the most important season.

  2. Thanks for posting sienna I really like your idea also in spring it’s really pretty as well especially the blossom and in spring there is sun and rain thanks for answering 👍

  3. I think that each season is equally as important as each other, because where we live each season has a different job. Spring is the beginning of everthing growing, Summer is the peak of the plants and trees life, Autumn is the time to harvest, and Winter is a time of rest for animals and plants.
    My favourite season though is Winter, because I like the cold weather and the snow (only when it comes).

  4. I think that spring is most important because its not too hot or cold it is ok for plants
    to grow sometimes its really hot or really cold

  5. I think spring is most important because it is not too hot and not too cold it also alright for the plants because it makes them grow.

  6. I think the most inportant season is spring because all the flower start to grow and the leaves start to grow on the tree .

  7. i think winter is the most important season because we celebrate the birth of jesus and prepare for the year ahead of us

  8. Oliver do we need winter as much or not and the animals are under a lot of pressure to try and find warmth and food and water. Also the plants could die.

  9. I think that every season is important because they all do something important:
    spring is not too warm or not too cold and the trees are beautiful; summer provides sunlight, warmth (if we are lucky ) and fun; autumn lets us play and have fun in the leaves and it is not too cold or too hot and winter lets us have fun in the snow!

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