Busy week

We’ve had a busy time of it this week in Year 6. On Wednesday, we went to Worksop College to watch their production of My Fair Lady and on Thursday, we visited the library to analyse census data, articles, maps and photographs from the Victorian era.

Perhaps you were so tired from all of this that you didn’t have chance to do as many Read Theory quizzes? Unfortunately, we only completed 233 quizzes so those class credits will have to wait…

For this week’s target, can you get back on track and complete 275 for a credit?

Knowledge Points earned this week: Charlotte C 374; Samantha & Riah 407; Charlotte G 421; Jack C 519

Quizzes taken this week: Charlotte C 16; Riah & Charlotte G 19; Samantha 27; Jack C 30

Aiden is still reading the hardest texts

For our Learn Its, we are using ALL of our times tables to quickly recall fractions such as 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10, 1/11 and 1/12 of amounts

We are also going to nudge things along and recall fractions as decimals

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday. It’s just one more week and then we’ve done half of our year together!!

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  1. I have loved this week. I really enjoyed going to watch the performance of My Fair Lady on Wednesday and also going to the Library on Thursday, we were able to see really old maps from the Victorian era and how it was in Worksop and what streets were there. I hope you have a great weekend Mrs Larkin and i will see you on Monday!

  2. Hi miss today me and my dad played banangrams together and he beat me by 1 tile more . Yesterday I went to jump and on the way there I was reading my Tom gates book I really like it because it is so fun and there is lots of good illustration and it is so funny

  3. Hi miss so all together we got 14 eggs 6 duck and 8 duck eggs . Miss what did you think of my fair lady. I practise nearly every day for banangrams. I love my Tom gates book what is your favourite book miss?

    1. That’s great – hope you enjoyed them! I thoroughly enjoyed My Fair Lady because of the fabulous singing and acting: I thought the students were extremely talented. I have loads of favourite adult books: I like lots of Thomas Hardy’s novels and I really like reading fiction that is set in different periods of history such as during the Tudor era, during the Wars of the Roses or during the Anglo Saxon period. I just started a new book last night that is about King Arthur. My favourite children’s book is The Wind Singer but I just read a new children’s book called Cogheart which I’m really looking forward to using as our class novel.

  4. I cant wait for this week (mainly because its the last week) but i cant wait to do SAFE 20!!!! Also, last week was SOOOO cool, especially the performance of My Fair Lady. The actors were very talented, making all the accents.

  5. I am so excited for our new class novel coming up soon and thank you for telling me your favourite book miss. I have already done 3 homework projects. I have done my biography, my picture thing on the queen’s coronation and my 3D model

  6. Hi Mrs Larkin, did you have a good weekend? I had a really good day yesterday because i went to Birmingham. I keep practising Bananagrams and sometimes i make long words or sometimes i make lots of smaller words such as”Tin” and words like that.

    1. Hi Sienna, yes thank you I had a lovely weekend. I watched the new Disney Pixar film, Coco: it was very good but it made me cry (as usual!!). What were you doing in Birmingham?

      1. I cry at nearly every film I watch too! I went with my mum and my nan to order more clothes for the shop and we had to travel to Birmingham!

  7. I really enjoyed doing the “nouns” and the “expanded noun phrases” Me and Samantha came up with some really good expanded noun phrases. One I just thought of was; “The girl’s long, silky, curly, tresses were resting on her shoulders.” I also really enjoyed doing some Science and seeing if the mould grew on the piece of bread, in the dark (in the cupboard) or in the light (on the windowsill) none had grown on either of them yet but I’m sure it will start growing soon!

    1. Oooh I like how you linked in tresses from our previous reciprocal read! I’m sure it won’t be long before it starts growing…

  8. That is a hard question as to what my favourite book is, I like lots of different books, some old and some new, here are my top six books, Rogue Trooper, Galactic invaders, all the Tom Gates books, all the David Walliams books, all the Roald Dahl books and the Digimon books.

  9. Hi miss I really enjoyed today’s maths lesson on a difficulty scale I would give it a 6.5 difficulty. On read theory I am so close to being a virtuoso. Twist of Fortune is starting off quite sad but it is really good. I love my Tom Gates book and they have just decided to create a band called dog zombies. I can’t wait to show you my homework projects tomorrow. I also really enjoyed banangrams I came 1st and sienna and lori came joint 2nd. Miss you know Robbie Williams he could have a pancake cake. Miss what is your favourite David Walliams book πŸ˜„

    1. I’m really glad you’re going to read and review this book for us πŸ™‚ Haha, I think I’d quite like a pancake cake! Hmm, tough question: I think my favourite David Walliams book is ‘Bad Dad’ (that made me cry too!) with ‘Midnight Gang’ coming a close second. What’s yours?

  10. Hi Mrs Larkin,I can’t wait for the bannagrams competition to open! I really enjoyed our maths lesson because I got 8 fractions finished. Me, Samantha and Lori played bananagrams today at break and Samantha won and me and Lori both got 33 tiles.

  11. hi miss today me holly and sienna played bannagrams me and sienna came joint first I cant wait to start reading cogheart

  12. Hi miss can’t wait to see which of our breads go mouldy (we are doing light and dark) when we were talking about the hot and cold I think the one in the heat will go mouldy fastest because bread is kind of adapted to the cold because it’s usually in a fridge or freezer

    1. Hmmm, I’m just thinking… is it that bread is ‘adapted’ to the cold? Or can you nudge this thinking on a bit into thinking about microorganisms? After all, microorganisms aren’t only found on bread, are they?

  13. i can’t believe that it is almost half way through the year…that means that we will be going to secondary school soon…i dont want to leave though!!!

  14. I am really excited for me to move onto clic 20 if I get ten on clic 19 and I do hope that I do Here is a question off clic 19 240 divided by 24

  15. Hi miss I agree that we had a busy week but it was very fun and it is cool how Robert Peel table’s bread has gone mouldy it has about 10% mould on it now

  16. and i am happy that our bread is starting to mould because then we know that bread moulds quite fast when it is wet…also I have a question about queen Victoria…What did royalty back in those times wear? Was it comfortable or uncomfortable?

  17. I loved last week we went to a really good performance called My Fair Lady . The next day we went to Worksop Library to look at the Victorian Census data which I loved just like the My Fair Lady performance. I loved last week, I hope we have more great events coming up this year.

  18. Hi miss today me and Sienna played banangrams and we drew. I loved the new book cogheart it was so good. I am really excited to finish our priorys all writeπŸ˜€

    1. I told you it was good πŸ™‚ I can’t wait until we finish our Priory’s All Writes – I think they’re going to be some of our best writes ever!

  19. I really liked going to watch my fair lady because I loved the accents of different people.
    I have really enjoyed our experiment so far because I like looking at different groups conditions as well. I can not wait to write more of the Little Match Girl. I am really liking the story and I am really understanding it.I really like doing Read Theory also.

    Post soon

  20. Me and Samantha played bananagrams at break time and Samantha won by one tile. I got 34 tiles and Samantha got 35 tiles. I cant wait to finish The Little Match Girl because i cant wait to hear them. Already they sound amazing. I also cant wait to start reading a little bit more of our new book (cogheart) already it sounds interesting.

  21. Hi miss also when I was doing my biography I learnt lots of cool and good facts. In twist of fortune their mum has died and their dad has gone to America and not sent them a letter in a while. I really like it but I still think cogheart and Tom Gates are better

    1. Cool Samantha I would love to listen to your biography I haven’t done any homework projects yet I am going to do all of them

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