My Fair Lady

Year 6 were lucky enough to be invited to Worksop College to watch the matinee performance of My Fair Lady this afternoon. Here we are during the intermission waiting to find out what happens with Eliza and Henry next.

Morning Mission: Can you summarise the plot? What did you enjoy about the performance?

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  1. Hi miss i really enjoyed the musical. The songs were amazing and the performers must have spent lots of time on it. I really liked the song i could have danced all night and my favourite character was eliza

  2. basically a girl couldn’t speak posh and professor Higgings made a bet to his friend that he could do it and she ended up speaking right but she was really rude at the races and my favourite part was when she made everyone laugh at the races and when she said the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain right

  3. Me and Harley really enjoyed the song little bit of luck with the men and we thought it was funny when she hit the man in the eye with the cup.

  4. I liked the actors because they are really talented and they have really good voices. I think the play teaches you that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and Eliza Doolittle wanted to be a proper lady and not a poor flower girl so she did put her mind to it and she did do it and she became a proper lady.

  5. I really did like the play, I really liked the singing they did and the way they decorated the background. I also liked the way they changed the background like when it was the ball they put a different background.

  6. this story is about a girl who can’t speak proper English, then she meets a man who teaches her how to speak posh, then she leaves and then the man noticed that she had gone and found out he loved her.

  7. I really enjoyed Worksop College yesterday. I really liked the play that we watched because it was funny and the actors’ singing was amazing.

  8. It’s about a woman who works in a flower shop who can’t talk properly then two men make a bet; the bet was to see if one of the men could teach her to talk properly in six months. It works and she talks really posh but then at the horse races she starts to talk like she did before then see runs away and then comes back .

  9. My fair lady was amazing it was about a young girl that has a cockney accent and she is
    not polite. So a man called Professer Higgins had said to Eliza in 6 months time Eliza will speak posh and she did. I thought it was amazing – lots of singing and I bet that it had took a long time to get the cockney accent right and then speak posh

  10. A flower girl called Eliza Doolittle is met by a rude man called Henry Higgins. He teaches her how to be a fancy woman with rewards like chocolate and she loses it and gets kicked out.

  11. I really liked my fair lady. What I most enjoyed was the singing. It was about a girl(Eliza) who was a flower seller who didn’t speak proper English and a man(Henry) tries to get her to be posh with her voice with a lots of songs

  12. There was a girl called Eliza who was not posh then she asked some one called Henry to help her to be posh. It did work and she became posh in 6 months. He got mad at her and she left and then a few day later she came back and they were both very happy

  13. It was about a woman called Miss Eliza and Mr Higgins. She was a cockney and Mr Higgins was trying to teach her to speak as a royal person. She was poor before Mrs Higgins took her in his home . She was a flower girl and when she got taken into Mr Higgins’ home she got taught to speak posh and wore fancy dresses .

  14. I really enjoyed the part where Eliza was learning her vowels, then I liked the song that was about Why can’t a woman be like a man.

  15. i really liked the way the people acted and how they remembered their lines. It must have taken them a long time to memorise the words

  16. The performance was very good. Eliza was trying to learn posh English and she found it very tricky at first because she had a cockney accent. Then eventually she learnt it and she went to dance.

  17. I really enjoyed the experience at Worksop College yesterday. I think it was really good because it was just like the film and they didn’t stop and think of the words, they just got on with it. I also liked it because the singing was phenomenal! I couldn’t tell the difference between Eliza in the play and Eliza in the film.

  18. I enjoyed the singing because they sang like professionals and they only stopped to remember the words like two times which is very impressive.The plot was performed very professionally as well. It was about a girl who tried to learn how to speak English properly but she couldn’t so two men had a bet that if one man could teach her how to speak properly then he would win.

  19. Hi miss my fair lady was amazing. Me and Sienna just finished playing banangrams together and I beat her because I got 83 tiles. Also me my mum and dad all played brain box again today. Miss what is your least favourite brain box?

    1. I haven’t really got a least favourite – I like them all! Even though I’m not that into football, I still like the football one because of all the other facts you can find out about the teams and where they’re from

  20. Well done Charlotte-G for star of the week. There was a flower girl (called Eliza) and she met a man called Henry. Henry teaches Eliza how to talk properly. Henry told her to say “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” it took her a long time but she eventually got it. I loved this show especially when Henry put the marbles in Eliza’s mouth and she had to talk properly x

  21. Hi miss thanks for the special mentions. I am so pleased with my clic, safe and learn its score (well kind of clic more like test base!) this week has been fun other than the grumpy moments. I liked my fair lady and the library trips and I really liked the art we did today.
    I have a philosophy question what is the most important season

  22. My fair lady is about a girl that isn’t that posh then goes to this man’s house and he teachers her how to be posher. Then she goes and he looked for her and she came back and they go to a big party and they go back home and they fall in love.

  23. Well I thought it was amazing. It was about a girl who speaks in a cockney accent a boy says 6 months time and she will speak properly and she did it I don’t now how she could speak like that. We were there for a very long time but that was because it was amazing

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