Another class credit earned!

Well Year 6, your target was to complete 275 quizzes and you upped your games and did 390 so I’ll add the credit on Monday!! If you can complete 400 quizzes this week, I’ll reward you with two credits next time!

Knowledge Points earned this week: Jack C 380; Mason E 388; Charlotte G 398; Samantha 1388; Lori 1415

Quizzes taken this week: Lillie-Mae 19; Jagroop 21; Jack C 32; Lori 70;Β Samantha 75

Aiden is back to reading texts at the hardest level!!

Here is another painting which is similar to the ones we were looking at on Friday. What can you say about this one?

21 thoughts on “Another class credit earned!

  1. Hi miss I can really tell what the story is. I like the colour and the detail because you can see the storm and how they are in fear the only bad thing is you can’t tell what the miracle is

  2. Hi miss I think the colours really tell the feelings like:
    Blue = the fear
    The yellow from the halo=importance

  3. Hi miss when is the next time we are doing philosophy because I really enjoy doing it and I can’t wait to do disassemble tomorrow

  4. I can tell from this picture that the green in the water indicates that darkness is closing in on the men. Also, the men aren’t showing their faith in Jesus as they are panicking and not believing in Jesus.I’ve got a challenge!!!! How many knowledge points were earned out of those people and how many quizzes were taken? πŸ™‚

  5. I really like this picture because it shows the story and it shows that Jesus was asleep and you could see the fear in the others. I like the colour because Jesus really stands out whereas in the other picture we saw in class you couldn’t really see Jesus.

  6. Hi miss I really enjoyed disassemble today we looked at different catchphrases for different occasions here are a few of them;
    Ye God
    Handbag at 10 paces
    Below the belt
    And they were just a few of them

  7. This is a very discriptive painting, because you can see the fear and shock on the fishermens faces, and the wrath of the storm is extremely visible.

    1. I like that image you’ve created by saying ‘the wrath of the storm’. Could you use any of your disassemble phrases in a sentence about the picture?

  8. miss i can tell what story it is and the colours are really nice. it looks like Jesus is still asleep on the boat and it looks like Jesus is surrounded by gold so it look like it is hope

  9. Hi miss so today me and my dad were playing banangrams and I won my dad by 5 tiles and me and my mum were playing brain box and we pretty much drew. the two brain boxes we played were inventions and animals. miss what is your favourite brain box ?πŸ˜„

    1. Sounds like it was fun in the Moore household tonight! I like the countries one because I like to find out new geography facts. The first time I see the Roald Dahl one, I’m going to buy it because I think that will be a good one too πŸ™‚

  10. I think it makes the water look dangerous and full of craziness and I just want to know were is Jesus in that picture? can someone please tell me?

  11. We played bannagrams over the phone and Sienna won the first game and Samantha won the second round. We both really like that picture because it tells the story and you can see the fear in the fishermen’s face and you can see that Jesus is asleep. We also don’t like that it doesn’t really show the miracle. We do like the colours though. We really enjoyed the play too, did you? And who was your favourite character.

    1. How do you play bananagrams over the phone?! I really enjoyed the play too πŸ™‚ My favourite characters were Eliza’s father and Henry’s mother. I also thought the Colonel was excellent. I thought the singing was stunning and the actors did a really good job with the accents. I went to Worksop College last year to watch their performance of Guys and Dolls and it was lovely to see some of the students from last year performing again.

  12. I think that the colours are very dark maybe because the fishermen (or jesus’s followers)
    were very scared.

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