Class Credit Coming Right Up!

We met our target for Read Theory quizzes completed this week! I asked you to complete 225 as a class and you actually did 267 so I’ll add a class credit on Monday 🙂 I’m setting this week’s target as 275 so we’d better get busy! Remember you are welcome to come and use our wonderful new Learning Pod before school for some extra quiet study time!

Knowledge Points earned this week: Riah 277; Joshua 319; Lillie-Mae 403; Samantha 979; Jack C 1108

Jack and Samantha almost tripled their scores from last week!

Quizzes taken this week: Casey 12;  Riah 13; Lillie Mae 21; Joshua 44; Samantha 55; Jack C 63

Oliver AND Sienna have both been reading texts at the hardest level!!

Science Challenge: What’s my animal?

It is an invertebrate that lives in a marine habitat. It has radial symmetry, tube feet and spines. We usually think of them as being orangey-red but there are also blue, grey and brown species. What could it be and what group would we classify it in?

10 thoughts on “Class Credit Coming Right Up!

  1. Hi miss could your animal be a starfish. Just the other day on read theory I moved up to forerunner but now I’m nearly on prodigy. I can’t wait to see what we do next week.

  2. Hi miss i have just remembered what group a starfish falls into its an echinoderm. Also in this group could be an urchin and a sea cucumber .

  3. Hi miss I just levelled up to prodigy on read theory I really like read theory because it’s just something to do in my spare time.

    1. I think it’s a fantastic use of your spare time 🙂 Thanks for your replies to the mystery animal – you’re correct! Can you set us another to work out?

  4. My animal can live in land and water it grows a shell in one or two places they don’t have legs either what could it be?

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