Read, Read, Read!!

We’ve had a a busy week of reading this week! We’ve done some more inference training with Mrs Howard, spent a lot of time unpicking our new text ‘Laughter Land’, read for research in topic about Queen Victoria and completed our reading homework about workhouses in the Victorian era where we are already showing our excellent clarification and summarising skills. When we did our drama today about Laughter Land, that was really reading in disguise too ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve found a new way of analysing the data on Read Theory which I think you’ll like! Above is the number of Quizzes and Knowledge Points since last Friday. I’m setting a challenge: can we complete 225 quizzes as a class next week? I’m also going to start showing your progress on a week by week basis…

Knowledge Points earned this week: Charlotte C 181; Joshua 231; Oliver 276; Samantha 378; Jack C 413

Quizzes taken this week: Oliver 13; Samantha 20; Jack R 28; Jack C 31; Joshua 32

Oliver has been reading texts at the hardest level!!

It will be interesting to see what happens this week and whether Harley, Jagroop and Aiden try to reclaim their positions….

25 thoughts on “Read, Read, Read!!

  1. Did you know that 117 years and two days ago Queen Victoria died at the age of 81 at Osborne house on the Isle of Wight.
    I am really happy that I am reading the hardest texts!

    1. I’d not noticed that the anniversary was on Monday! Congratulations on the Read Theory achievement – I know you’ve been working hard to be reading the hardest texts!

      1. I’m delighted you’ve enjoyed everything so far! Can you post a sentence using one of your words from disassemble?

  2. Hi miss I have really liked read theory also this morning I really enjoyed doing the disassemble with mr Abbott. I have also enjoyed the challenges we have been doing in maths this week ๐Ÿ˜ƒI have really enjoyed this week so far.

  3. I agree with Samantha this week has been one of the best weeks in a long time in my opinion especially disassemble because we get to make English fun

  4. Ive really enjoyed read theory and it will really help me in sats for my reading paper. I’ve got 2235 knowledge points I think .

      1. Hi miss I think I have got an answer to masons question.
        The answer is 10,5/10
        Hope I have got it right.

  5. Miss I can write a sentence with one of the disassemble words in. After spending what seemed like a lifetime upstairs, my mum came down with her eldritch clothing on.
    I am also really happy about having the most knowledge points this week:) Last of all, a fact about Queen Victoria is that she came up with the tradition of the engagement ring and the white wedding dress.

  6. I really enjoyed this week so far my favourite bit was maths. I can’t wait to do more I might do some read theory tonight. I have started my home work projects. I am going to do 6 also can’t wait to do Clic 19 to see what the questions are hoping for 10 on my safe.
    lets see what next month brings us.

  7. Queen Victoria was queen at the age of 18 and that means it was in 1837.Her reign ended in 1901 and it ended because of old age.

  8. Hi miss here are the sentences I did at disassemble.
    Bellicose =His bellicose idea was starting to get out of control
    Aroura =The aroura glow shone through Ellaโ€™s transparent curtains
    Ethereal =The flower’s ethereal petals looked beautiful in the sun light

  9. Hi miss this has been a busy week. I am pleased with my clic, safe and learn its score but on my learn its I was two off I also enjoyed the queen Victoria biography

  10. Hi miss, I can now use one of the words that we used in disassemble,
    As the suspects entered the melancholy cave, they ran into the nafarious professor Callaham!

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