We’re going for it!

It’s been a busy week for year 6! We started our week with a visit to Weston Park museum to do our workshop on Offerings to Athena. We’ve analysed the meaning of Psalm 23 in RE and started a new Science unit on Animals and Living Things. How do we remember what the seven life processes of living things are? Can you remember the five groups of animals? Can you tell me anything about their characteristics?

We ended the week with some brilliant CLIC and SAFE scores and our Read Theory Knowledge Points are going through the roof!

Between us, we’ve completed another 700+ quizzes and earned almost 13,000 more Knowledge Points. Well done to Harley and Jagroop for storming into the lead with Knowledge Points and to Aiden for consistently reading the hardest texts. Remember it can all change over the weekend so why not go for it?!

2 thoughts on “We’re going for it!

  1. You can see if a thing is alive by M.R.S.N.E.R.G. M for motion, R for respiration, S for sensitivity, N for nutrition, E for excretion, R for reproduction and G for growth. If something does not have all of these things it isn’t alive.

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