Offerings to Athena

Year 6 had a fantastic visit to Weston Park Museum on Monday to undertake a workshop about Ancient Greece and the Parthenon. Post to tell us something that you learnt whilst you were there and tell us about your favourite part of the day.

12 thoughts on “Offerings to Athena

  1. Wish I was there but except for the Parthenon because that looked really hard and probably took a long time to build

  2. Hello miss I had great fun on Monday, I really enjoyed the second museum . It was really funny because we were all having some games like who can spot the A1 or M1 , we did them on a map .

  3. Hi miss I had a great time at Weston Park museum on Monday it was really fun when we made that sculpture of the parthenon , also when we made the instrument

  4. At the museum me and Harley found a simulator where we could make our own animal, ours could swim had scales had poisonous teeth, it was very deadly.

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