Morning Mission 30.11.17

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Think back to yesterday’s ‘In and Out’ Philosophy Morning Mission. What do YOU need to be truly happy? Remember to explain why…

11 thoughts on “Morning Mission 30.11.17

  1. You need your family because and self control because if you do not have self control then you will not be able to love your family and if you can not love your family then who will you love?

    Can anybody answer this question …
    Do you need the gifts of the spirit to be happy?

  2. I think that you need to be truly happy with a house because you get food and water as well as you can have a back garden because you can play in it .

  3. I need a family to make me happy because they if you don’t have a family you don’t have anyone to care about. The thing that i don’t need to be happy is a car or a tv because they don’t matter , you don’t need a car because you can walk where you want to go

  4. I think that you need: happiness because without happiness you wouldn’t be happy and I think you need self-control because you would be completely out of control.

  5. I think i would need friends to make me truly happy because without friends you wouldn’t have anyone to play with and you would start to feel lonely.

  6. tooth brush,tooth paste,teddy bear,thinking,loving,self-control,exercise bike,911 can only use the ambulances,blanket,pillow,bike/scooter

  7. Family, because if your family could only have one thing each then we could practically have everything.

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