Morning Mission 12.10.17

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Leaders should be able to nominate members of their own family to rule after them.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

15 thoughts on “Morning Mission 12.10.17

  1. I agree with this statement because if it is one of their own family members then they should be able to pass it down the line to another family member.

  2. I disagree because if you tried hard to be the leader it is not fair if he or she picks someone else and it might not be a good choice. You should take a vote .

  3. Well it depends, if someone was the president they would have to have another election, but if it was the king or the queen you wouldn’t have to have to have an election for it it would just go over to the son or daughter.

  4. Miss, that isn’t fair, as some people might not know anything about a job and they could be the manager of it, and then the company would fall downhill

  5. We think leaders shouldnt be able to nominate members of their own family to rule after them because not everyone is good at the same job and you have to give everyone an opportunty in life .

  6. I don’t agree because you could know nothing about a job and then if one of the older people said I want you to take over my business when I retire you should give other people a chance

  7. I disagree with that because you might be a shop keeper and then they say you’re my family and you don’t know anything

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