Blowing out the cobwebs

  • Morning from the campers! We’ve all had breakfast and are enjoying our first very noisy activity – drum jam! We’re creating songs to perform in front of the Kingswoods got talent judges in the final! Weve had some real pop stars, they sound like pop stars, look like pop stars and are pop stars! Feild games and circus skills next! 

22 thoughts on “Blowing out the cobwebs

    1. I miss you to mum and dad I cant wait to com e home I miss you so much mum tell sharna ive saved her some sweeties and I miss her lots love you all so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I love you to Auntie Zoe. Can’t wait for our campfire. I also can’t wait for Sunday so I can see you. I’m going to the shop tomorrow, I will bring you and Nan something. BYE!!!!

  1. Hope your all having a brill time Looks fun . We missing you harley everyone sends there love and gracie sends u a big kiss xx

  2. Hey Charlotte… all looks fantastic! Have a good evening…..looking forward to seeing more photos tomorrow! Lots of love MDJM xxxx

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