Monthly Archives: May 2017

The old railroad

Can you post an atmospheric piece of writing about the old railroad? Remember what we’ve said about creating tension and atmosphere: include vivid descriptions of colours and the weather, show don’t tell and choose verbs and adjectives for maximum impact. I’m looking forward to being gripped from the start….


Looking at the image, how could you create atmosphere? What is the weather like? What is the light like? What does it sound like? What verbs might you use to describe the movements or actions of someone (or something) here? How could you include vivid imagery? Are there any other ways you could create a feeling of tension / suspense / mystery / fear / urgency?

For your morning mission, please post words and phrases that could help us to build an atmospheric piece of writing.

Kia’s Challenge

I have a square based pyramid, triangular prism and a cube. How many vertices do they do the have all together and individually? Challenge: can you put the answers in Roman numerals?
Can you fill in all the words that should have a capital letters?
one day me libbi and natasha and some other people went ice-skating in doncaster. i thought i was going to fall on my bum (but i didn’t). what a surprise! would you fall over?