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Going Underground…

Today, Year 6 went on a visit to the National Mining Museum to try to discover more about how mining has changed over the years. We learnt some really interesting facts from our guides, the tours, workshops and the gallery displays. Can you tell us what any of these things were:



snap tin


Can you summarise the pros and cons of the Mines Act of 1842?

Project Perfection!!!!!!!


This week in maths we have been working on symmetry, fractions and converting them to decimals and percentages. We have also been working on translation with shapes and we have done some challenging SAFEs.


Today we did French… We learnt some French numbers 1-10 and the months of the year. Can you name ALL of them???



We went to the Post 16 centre in Retford and we got told stories about people’s lives and about difficult pasts and we were told that you can achieve whatever you believe in! After that we walked around and looked about all the stalls and all the different jobs that people can do.


We started reading The Listeners poem  and doing Reciprocal Reading  for the Highwayman poem.


We have been looking at how animals have evolved over time and next week we will be looking in more detail at the elephant. Post any early research here…


We enjoyed sharing our projects for our Victorians topic and looking at everyone else’s work.

Text by Alisha and Libbi



The story of our week…

We’ve had another fun-filled week in Year 6.  In Maths, we developed our skills with converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. We’ve also become experts on measuring and calculating angles in all kinds of different shapes. We continued to use our Reciprocal Reading skills to interpret the Song of Hiawatha by H.W. Longfellow and enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day and sharing stories with our friends in FSU.

Our evolution work in Science has continued and Y6 found out about the famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning. This morning in the hall, we worked practically to figure out how early humans evolved and became bipedal. Can you remember what that means? Why did this aid our common ancestors’ survival?