Monthly Archives: February 2017

Chirpy chickens and delighted ducks

After half term, Year 6 will be the first class to care for Priory’s latest additions. To be sure we care for them properly, can you find out more about:

  • What they need to eat
  • What they can eat as a treat
  • What they must avoid eating
  • What their home needs to have
  • How we can help them to be happy
  • How to keep them safe
  • How to keep them clean
  • Signs that we must watch out for that will tell us they are unwell
  • How many eggs we might expect them to lay

The busy bees are really busy this week

This week we have had a really fun week ; we have been looking at Science, Maths and English.

In maths we have been doing fractions in real life maths. It has been a challenge and we can’t wait for  more challenges.

Also in English we have been looking at formal writing and informal writing. We’ve also been looking at able and ible as well .

Have a fun weekend  year 6  ready for next weeks challenges

Text by Denisa and Alanna