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What a week we’ve had!!!

This week, we have had an amazing week!

We have been reading a story from the anthology called Laughter Land and answered some questions about it. We have also been doing able and ible and yesterday, we linked our topic to English and did some bullet points about Victorian games.
Are these able or ible? prob_ble, lov_ble, perish_ble, invinc_ble


We have continued our work on fractions and are feeling confident with simplifying, equivalence and comparing using common denominators. Next week, our Learn Its will continue on the 8x table.


We have continued with our topic of Evolution and started looking at the work of the famous Victorian naturalist, Charles Darwin. Maybe you could continue your research into your chosen animal. Remember the big idea is to find out more about different species of your chosen animal and how each has adapted to the different habitat it lives in.

Text by Natasha C and Eve.

Victorians Homework Project

  • Make a 3d object. Ideas could include: one of the new Victorian modes of transport; a Victorian home; one of Brunel’s bridges; a child’s toy or a traditional recipe from the era.
  • Read a story by Charles Dickens and summarise it. We have a wide selection of his books in school at varying levels of difficulty. See Mrs Larkin if you would like to borrow one.
  • Create a collage of Victorian photos and add annotations, speech and thought bubbles to explain what they represent.
  • Compare 5 modern inventions with their Victorian equivalent. You might investigate how Victorians washed their clothes, cleaned their homes, travelled, communicated and cooked. These are only suggestions and you can compare any other inventions that you wish to.
  • Create a biography of a famous Victorian. It’s up to you who you research but some notable figures were Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Florence Nightingale, Lord Shaftsbury, Charles Darwin or Queen Victoria herself! The biography can be presented in any way you choose.