A busy week we have had

This week in year six we…

Enjoyed learning the Greek alphabet song: find the video here

Mrs Larkin’s group’s spelling link


In topic, we have being learning ancient Greek democracy vs modern UK democracy. Do you think all ofΒ  Greek life was fair?


In English, we have learnt where to put commas in different places.Β  Let’s see if you can add the commas in the sentence:

We need to buy from the shop eggs bacon crisps sweets sausages kale and salad. Do you need a colon?


We will be moving on again with our Learn Its onto step 10: the 4 x table. Can you post a link to any good websites that we might want to use to practise our 4x table?

We have also been finding common factors. Can you remember the song? What are the common factors of 46 and 12?

Don’t forget that it’s our Ancient Greece immersion day on Friday. What do you think we might be doing?

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16 thoughts on “A busy week we have had

  1. We need to buy from the shop, eggs, bacon, crisp, sweets, sausages, kale and salad. I don’t think that we need a colon in.
    the common factors for 46 and 12 are just 1 and 2
    4 the greek day I don’t know what we are doing we always do something different each topic

  2. Some Greek Gods and goddesses: Zeus king of the Gods; Athena goddess of war, wisdom and arts; Aphrodite goddess of love; Hades god of the under world; Hera goddess of marriage and Zeus’s wife. These are some Greek gods and goddesses. Did you know Athena was born from Zeus’s forehead and Poseidon the god of the sea?

    1. I’m excited too!! So if you’ve found the factors of 12 and 46, which are the common factors? Thanks for the link too πŸ™‚

  3. We need to buy from the shop, eggs, bacon, crisp, sweets, sausages, kale and salad.
    I don’t think that we need a colon in.
    The common factors for 46 and 12
    I think we might be doing some greek food maybe some kind of art and greek games
    4 times tables
    4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48 52 56 60 66 ect ect
    spelling score: 10/10 in 41 seconds

    1. I think we do need a colon! What are the common factors?? It would be good if we did some of those things, wouldn’t it?

  4. occur: comes up a lot or several times
    conscious: awake
    determined: want to achieve something
    physical:some thing to do with your body
    hindrance:it delays something
    language:a foreign way to speak
    soldier: a person that fights in the war
    convince:being able to do something without difficulty
    stomach: where your food digested
    programme: a thing you watch
    these are the definition of my spelling words hope I’ve got them right

  5. I had an amazing week
    I’m also excited for Ancient Greek day and my hair is going to be curly
    and I’m also excited who’s the winner + the Christmas party with Christmas clothes , games and food .

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