We’re young and we are smart!

dsc06893 20161201_111622-minLast week was amazing because we had parents evening , D.A.R.E graduation and the library . The DARE graduation was fantastic as everyone had to do something like a role-play,  power point , or fact file. Every single performance was outstanding and you could see people put 100% into their group .

Parents evening looked as though every parent and child had the biggest smile ever , so hopefully they keep that smile next week and work as hard as they have been .

On Thursday, Year 6  went to the library and watched two funny men ( the two Steves) act out a role-play. Madison and Aaron were chosen to act . Aaron was tackling the man on the floor with a sword and break dancing when he was meant to die!

ENGLISH question…

Let’s see who can do this first. Get it all right and get a stamp on the blog log and a raffle ticket. You have to add ALL the punctuation in…

yes i know said the unhappy mumpo but im still hungry

Next week, we will be changing our Learn Its to: Step 10 (the 3x table). Can you learn ALL of the multiplication and division facts so that you can say them as quickly as you can say your name?  How about creating your own jingle for one of the facts?

Follow this link if you would like to play some games connected to Mrs Larkin’s  spellings

Written by Eve and Codie.

23 thoughts on “We’re young and we are smart!

  1. “Yes I know!” said the unhappy Mumpo but I’m still hungry. I have enjoyed the two days I’ve been at school. Hope everyone has had a good week and will enjoy their weekend. Only 23 day to go. I’m happy with my score on the SaTS paper and hope everyone was too. See you on Monday.

  2. I really enjoyed going to the library because the two Steves were very funny with their acting and so was Aaron he was fighting the Steve on the floor.

    I also really enjoyed going to the dare graduation. I loved it,Nikki has really helped me with my knowledge. I know that dare stands for define,asses,respond and evaluate.

  3. “Yes I know”said the unhappy mumpo,”but i’m still hungry!”
    I enjoyed dare it was so fun especially when we performed in front of everyone. Everyone sure did put 100% into their acting/powerpoints, it was so fun thankyou Nickie
    Wow it was so fun Aaron was so funny when he was asking why does he have to do it and when he was supposed to be dead but it looked like he was break dancing

  4. hi miss I really enjoyed dare and graduating .
    my favorite bit was seeing the two Steves they were so funny and when Aaron break danced when he was dead!

  5. I really enjoyed the library and the dare graduation but I can’t choose my favourite. I think it was the library because it was so funny I loved it.

  6. its was so good we’ve still got the song stuck in our head we’re so proud of year 6 for all graduating:)

  7. D.A.R.E was sooo fun and everyone graduated!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!!!!!11!1!!!

    roses are blue
    violets are red
    im proud
    you are too

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