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A busy week we have had

This week in year six we…

Enjoyed learning the Greek alphabet song: find the video here

Mrs Larkin’s group’s spelling link


In topic, we have being learning ancient Greek democracy vs modern UK democracy. Do you think all of  Greek life was fair?


In English, we have learnt where to put commas in different places.  Let’s see if you can add the commas in the sentence:

We need to buy from the shop eggs bacon crisps sweets sausages kale and salad. Do you need a colon?


We will be moving on again with our Learn Its onto step 10: the 4 x table. Can you post a link to any good websites that we might want to use to practise our 4x table?

We have also been finding common factors. Can you remember the song? What are the common factors of 46 and 12?

Don’t forget that it’s our Ancient Greece immersion day on Friday. What do you think we might be doing?

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typed by Eve and Natasha C

We’re young and we are smart!

dsc06893 20161201_111622-minLast week was amazing because we had parents evening , D.A.R.E graduation and the library . The DARE graduation was fantastic as everyone had to do something like a role-play,  power point , or fact file. Every single performance was outstanding and you could see people put 100% into their group .

Parents evening looked as though every parent and child had the biggest smile ever , so hopefully they keep that smile next week and work as hard as they have been .

On Thursday, Year 6  went to the library and watched two funny men ( the two Steves) act out a role-play. Madison and Aaron were chosen to act . Aaron was tackling the man on the floor with a sword and break dancing when he was meant to die!

ENGLISH question…

Let’s see who can do this first. Get it all right and get a stamp on the blog log and a raffle ticket. You have to add ALL the punctuation in…

yes i know said the unhappy mumpo but im still hungry

Next week, we will be changing our Learn Its to: Step 10 (the 3x table). Can you learn ALL of the multiplication and division facts so that you can say them as quickly as you can say your name?  How about creating your own jingle for one of the facts?

Follow this link if you would like to play some games connected to Mrs Larkin’s  spellings

Written by Eve and Codie.