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Some people have suggested that we have a post where you share good links to websites that have helped you to complete parts of the project.

Here is a good link to information on triremes.

Remember – read through all of the comments on this post as your question may have already been answered earlier on in the conversation…

22 thoughts on “Homework Project Links

    1. Great! I’ve tried to go on the link you sent through but it doesn’t seem to work. Would you re-check the address and send it again please?

  1. Mrs have looked on the internet and I can’t find what these mean .
    And the link they are the backstay ,sheet ,mast- crunch,braces,yard,mast and forcestay.

    1. Have you tried typing the word into google and adding definition afterwards? E.g. forestay definition. That should work 😉

  2. Hi Mrs. Larkin I have found a good website here
    This is a good website for the trireme project where you have to do a sketch of a trireme and label it.

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