30 thoughts on “Morning Mission 19.10.16

  1. Hi miss here are some that I have found

    Chinon apple tarts
    Blood orange and dark chocolate Madeleines
    French style chicken with peas and bacon
    Ultimate French omelette
    White chocolate creme brûlée
    Pear tarte tatin
    Hot chocolate soufflés with chocolate cream sauce
    Tomato and caremelised onion tart tatin
    Boulangere potatoes
    Provençal omelette cake
    Mini eclairs
    Pistachio and rasberry pithiviers
    Chicken Marengo
    Frogs legs
    Le Coq au vin

    Here are some nice looking foods I found. ESPECIALLY THE ECLAIRS!!!!

  2. Une baguette
    La cuisine francaise
    Une crepe
    Un brioche
    Des chataignes
    Une salade nicois
    Des moules’-frites
    Un croque momsieur
    Un Diablo menthe

  3. I loved doing this for morning mission and we found out some interesting facts like a croissant is a pastry and bonbons is how you say sweets I was partners with Madison and we played the matching game our lowest time was 12 seconds we were a great team 🙂

  4. hi Mrs Larkin just doing the menu for the project and cant wait to see what you think about the olive bread and I found out the ancient Greeks ate bread with wine and that Athena was born from Zeus’s forehead

    1. I’m gutted we ran out of time to taste it today. We’ll definitely do it in the morning but I’m afraid it’ll have to be without the wine 😉

  5. Yes we should do some cooking that would be a great idea I think all year 6 would enjoy cooking and appreciate that. I would.

  6. Hi Mrs Larkin im struggling with my project can you name some myths please so i can see what the myths are and google them please

  7. I have just played the game and I have done it in 12 seconds . This is my best score so far and I enjoyed playing the game. I would like to do something like this again. I also think those mini eclairs sound good we should do some cooking soon. 👀

    1. Lol! That sounds like Sam 😆 Tell him I’d love to have a catch up with him one day when he comes to collect you 🙂

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