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First half term over!!!

In maths we have been doing long division. If you can, try 2456 divided by 12 =?. In English, we have been looking at stressed vowels and underlining them. This week in DARE we have been looking at why we/how we get  stressed and how we deal with it e.g calming down.  We have reviewed our topic projects, which we thought were really good. We have started planing our story about JJ and his diary. We have loved Kia’s olive bread. It has been a great half term.And we have loved this term with Mrs Larkin as our teacher!!

Text by Ebonie-Jae


As busy as bees

This week in maths we have been doing more multiplication but in real life problems and some of us have been doing SAT like questions and we have a poster for our reasoning. In English we have been finding the definitions of words to put into sentences related to our new unit Tom’s Midnight Garden.  This week’s reading comprehension has been an extract from Trouble Half-Way we have also been introduced to APE our new answering  for our reading.

Wow what another busy week!!!

Next Week’s Learn Its will be Step 10: the 3x table. Although this sounds easy, we need to be super speedy to beat our scores and match Jamie’s full marks in our challenge on Friday

Text by Isabella

No soggy bottoms!

This week we have made our own version of the discontented fish and we set it as a year six going on transition. We have carried on with column multiplication and we are feeling a lot better than when we started. In DARE we learnt about risks and how to avoid them and we are looking forward to Science this afternoon. In our Learn It challenge, Lucie got 18 more and Alisha got 17 more. After our adventures at camp, we are ready for the weekend! We enjoyed the bake off and were delighted with our Pear & Almond Flapjack Tart

Here is the link to the quiz we completed in Science