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Science Enrichment 14.06.16

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What a fantastic day we’ve had! We began with a philosophical Morning Mission considering our own opinions on what science is and whether it is important before moving on to planning our experiment. We covered a huge amount today; can you post some of the things we were learning? You might want to comment on:

  • the headings to include when planning and writing  a science experiment
  • what Independent, Dependent and Controlled Variables are
  • what you observed and discovered
  • what immiscible and density mean and how they relate to our experiment
  • examples of immiscible liquids in real life

Your Euros


Here is a link to the Newsround website where you will find lots of interesting facts, match reports, celebrity predictions and interactive games. Why not use this post to share your predictions, match reports or research about your sweepstake team?

It looks like lots of you have been watching the games this weekend! As well as letting us know that, can you develop your posts to include one of the suggestions above? I’ve decided that there will be rewards on offer for more detailed posts as well as for the blogger of the tournament 😉