This week’s Learn Its

The facts from the 8 x table that we’re finding most tricky to remember are:

7 x 8 = 56      8 x 8 = 64      9 x 8 = 72

but unfortunately, I don’t have any catchy jingles to help us lock them into our brains 😥

Can you make one up that we can use this week? To be effective, they need a good rhythm and not be too complicated. I think they’d work really well if they were to a tune that we already know. Harmonies and beat-boxing often help too 😎

2 thoughts on “This week’s Learn Its

  1. I always remember 9x by just taking away 8 from 10x. 8x I remember it by knowing the answer is a squared number-a number x by itself. 7x I just know I don’t know how I know it I just do. I haven’t got any rhymes or rhythms or tune to any of the 3 sums. Sorry😢😔😥😣😨

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