Joking around with David!!!

On Monday David Lawrence Jones came to visit  and present his books to us. We all really enjoyed it and would be happy to invite him back. We had a laugh!!! Then on Wednesday we had a chance to buy his books and the opportunity for a signed copy.

As mothering Sunday is approaching we have made awesome cards for our mums.We all think they look great!!!!!

At cool to learn we took the time to perfect our division skills and for once we had a full house 😉 Can you work out this sum :  3428 divided by 13    the first 5 to complete it will get a dojo point!!!

Post by Henry and Matthew 🙂

8 thoughts on “Joking around with David!!!

  1. David Lawrence Jones (Author of Children’s Books)

    David Lawrence Jones. David was born in 1964 in a mining village called Ravenfield near Rotherham South Yorkshire.He began to write his first adventure story in 1999 and after a number of rewrites he completed the first manuscript in the “Bradley Baker” series. This book was called “The Curse of Pathylon” and was first published in 2009. The boy hero became very popular and in 2011, the second book in the series was published, called “The Amulet of Silvermoor”. Bradley found himself back down the plughole on another amazing adventure (this time through a disused coal mine), which eventually led him back into Pathylon. A third adventure book completed the ‘Pathylon’ trilogy; published in 2012 and titled ‘The Pyramids of Blood’…. the fourth instalment is a brand new adventure called ‘The Gullfather of New York’, published more recently in October 2013.David is very proud of the Bradley Baker adventure series and there are scenes in the books that describe landmarks about Devon and his birth place in Yorkshire. Silvermoor, the abandoned coal mine in the second book is actually the colliery where he and his father worked… “Silverwood”. Also the main character in the series Bradley lives in a fictional village called Ravenswood, which is based on David’s own childhood village of “Ravenfield”. Before fame, he was a reluctant reader as a child and has since avidly promoted reading for all ages. In addition to his children’s novels, he has also written a picture book series titled Jig & Saw.

    1. Hi Tamara, I see you’ve been on David’s website! He came in to visit us this week and it was great! How are things with you?

  2. Great fun and it was funny when they dressed up in all the costumes and the pug tale is great and I love pugs.

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