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This week’s Learn Its

The facts from the 8 x table that we’re finding most tricky to remember are:

7 x 8 = 56      8 x 8 = 64      9 x 8 = 72

but unfortunately, I don’t have any catchy jingles to help us lock them into our brains 😥

Can you make one up that we can use this week? To be effective, they need a good rhythm and not be too complicated. I think they’d work really well if they were to a tune that we already know. Harmonies and beat-boxing often help too 😎

Joking around with David!!!

On Monday David Lawrence Jones came to visit  and present his books to us. We all really enjoyed it and would be happy to invite him back. We had a laugh!!! Then on Wednesday we had a chance to buy his books and the opportunity for a signed copy.

As mothering Sunday is approaching we have made awesome cards for our mums.We all think they look great!!!!!

At cool to learn we took the time to perfect our division skills and for once we had a full house 😉 Can you work out this sum :  3428 divided by 13    the first 5 to complete it will get a dojo point!!!

Post by Henry and Matthew 🙂

Monkeying Around in Year 6!

The Wind Singer.

The Wind Singer continues as Kestrel, Bowman and Mumpo travel to the palace to see the Old Queen of Yonder and try to get the Wind Singer singing again. What are your predictions for what will happen next?

Coin Cards In Big Maths!

In Big Maths, we have looked at coin cards, which will help us for multiplication and division if we don’t know them! It is the same as a cheat sheet… Can you do the coin card for x23?

Raiding The Reading!

In Class 6, we have a poster named ‘Raiding The Reading’! We use it for when we are reading the Wind Singer. Currently, we have two powerful phrases on our poster: ‘ a dull bone-aching weariness’ and ‘ a shallow, dream-tossed sleep’! Can you use either of these in a sentence?

8 Times Tables For Learn Its!

Our Learn Its for this week are: 1×8 2×8 3×8 4×8 5×8 6×8 7×8 8×8 9×8 and 10×8! Can You Do The Smile Multiplication For 80 and 800 Times Tables?

Hyphens And Dashes- English

In English, we have been learning how to use dashes and hyphens to avoid ambiguity. Comment down below the right way how to use a hyphen and a dash, and do one sentence using a hyphen and a dash.


In bananagrams there have been some awesome  matches including:

Henry v.s Matthew= Henry

Jamie Mudd v.s Brandon=Brandon

Liberty v.s Dylan=Liberty

Nathan v.s Joel=Nathan

So it’s all down to Henry v.s Brandon and Nathan v.s Liberty.

Les Miserables

On Tuesday, Year 6 went to Worksop College to watch the musical of Les Miserables! It was an amazing experience and we congratulate all of the people that performed! We would like to thank Worksop College for inviting us to watch your fabulous show!

Chinese New Year!

This week was a special week as it was Chinese New Year and a big thanks to Shan for coming in! We had a lot  of activities like today we practised and performed to the whole school! Congrats to Brandon, Joel,Tanisha,Kagan,Liberty,Amelia,Jennifer,William,Zakayah etc.

By Dylan Hughes And Brandon Moore! 🙂



What a week we’ve had!!!

This week we have been practising our Learn Its which were up to 10×4. We also did fact families. Can you do the fact families for 4×8=32 and 8×8=64?  We also did decimals times by 2 digit numbers.What is 7.9×65=???

In our class book (Wind Singer) Bowman, Kestrel and Mumpo are on their way to meet the Queen.

In Cool2Learn we  did division. Can you work out what 678 divided by 7 is?

In topic today, we did how far the Roman Empire conquered. Can you list some countries which they conquered?

Post by Lewis and Henry:-)