Monthly Archives: January 2016

Another fantabuloso week!

This week we have done a Roman painting, we all got put in groups and each group had to paint a part of a painting . We all got a bit messy especially Henry! We needed to look at it in great detail to make it look effective. At the end, we all had to put them together and see if it looked similar to the real painting.  Year 5 against Year 6!

Learn its: In our learn its, we have done our three times tables up to 12 times three. In our jigsaw numbers, we did decimal numbers and adding it up to ten with another decimal number.

Academic writing: Some of year five and six went to Nottingham Trent University and it was great. We got to go on this thing that university people use, it is called Lino. One of the funny things we did there was when each group  all got given an envelope with a genre in it. We had to write a paragraph about the genre you got. My team got romance and we came up with some pretty good things like: the cupid’s arrow (that was Liberty’s idea) and the marriage.

Bananagrams: In Bananagrams, Libbi and Jamie Mudd won today. All of the first round is finished. We can’t wait to see how the second round goes.

Wind singer: In our class book, we have found some mud people all they eat are mud nuts. Disgusting!They live under a cave…

Text by Emma and Bethany

Spell, spell, spell!

This afternoon, Nathan, Brandon, Alisha and Jessica attended the  Worksop Spelling Festival at St Anne’s and won it! It was a great afternoon of challenge and fun between teams of four from Priory, St Anne’s and Prospect and a brill time was had by all.

Also on the spelling theme, the Bananagrams heats are continuing and so far we have Amelia, Joel, Jamie and Nathan going through to the next round of the competition. Watch this space for updates on who else goes through to round two and if you want to see the action as it happens, come along to the Year 6 classroom each lunchtime at 12.30 to show your support!