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Was it worth it?

Think back over our learning this term. Have you enjoyed finding out about the Vikings? What has been the most surprising thing? What has been the hardest? What has been the best thing of all?

I’ll start us off: I have REALLY enjoyed our work this term because it’s a long time since I’ve taught a topic on Vikings and this time, we did it more about battles and raids rather than day-to-day life. For me, the most surprising thing was finding out that a lot of our laws today originated in the Viking and Saxon era. I couldn’t believe how many similarities there are! The hardest thing (in my opinion) was the work we did on converting measures but we approached it like warriors and our Viking themed maths certainly helped us with this, I think. We got there in the end! I really enjoyed the lesson we did researching place names – I was very proud of the way you all worked on that but best of all was without doubt the Viking Day! I loved every single minute of it. Thank you, Year 6, for an epic first term together 🙂

Fair or Foul?

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There is a meeting called for all Saxons. What kind of punishments might the following law-breakers expect:

Siggy is rumoured to be practising witchcraft.

Floki stole a sheep from Horik and there is need to prevent a blood feud between the families.

Athlestan has killed a slave (not his own)

Using your learning from today, suggest a punishment to fit the crime!