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We started the day creating runic messages for each other before preparing the food for our feast. We then made coins for trading and  Viking helmets. In the afternoon, we experimented with building using a  wattle and daub technique before thinking about what we would have on our longship when it made  its final journey to the halls of Valhalla. Once they’d been set alight, we ended our day with our delicious feast. Tell us your favourite part of the day…

42 thoughts on “Skol!

  1. Hi mrs larkin I really enjoyed the cooking.
    I also really enjoyed making a wall out of mud it was fun and muddy I got it everywhere even on my face.
    I liked watching the boats burn and to see them catch on fire was a shock.
    I loved making the helmets with the tin foil.
    Making the coins was fun too.
    I did not like the mead. I liked the fish I also liked the veg.
    I liked dressing up as Vikings and seeing other peoples costumes.

    I really enjoyed today

    1. Hey Georgina, I’m glad you enjoyed it! If the only thing you didn’t enjoy today was the mead, that’s good enough for me! I have to say, I thought your costume was great and it looked even more authentic with a bit of mud 😉

  2. I really enjoyed the day as well! I agree with Georgina – I didn’t like the mead! But apart from that I enjoyed everything else! Can we do it again!? 🙂

  3. Well when I got home I telled my mum and brother and sister all about the day. I didnt like the mead it was horrible but I would have another day like that again. We could do it about something different because the Romans should be a lot better. When we made the boats I liked it because we could write what we want on it and when it was burning because it was very big flames and when we was all cutting the veg up people cut there self but I didnt because I was being sensible. I think everyone was being sensible but it can sometimes happen. I am glad everyone is ok

    1. That’s great that you went home and told your family all about it 🙂 I think you’ll enjoy our Romans day just as much when we do it.
      Caught you…it should be ‘When we were cutting the veg’. You’re right – accidents do sometimes happen, but as we get better with our cooking skills, there is less chance of anyone having an accident. Thanks for being so sensible all day – you proved that we can still have lots of fun without letting our behaviour slip. Well done!

  4. Hi Mrs Larkin, I agree with Henry . Brandon’s costume was one of the best.
    I liked your costume as well . It looked like everyone put a lot of effort into their costume. I really enjoyed yesterday!

    1. Those were great activities with a lot of learning happening 🙂 We’re already thinking of some fab ideas for next term…

  5. Well I will see you tomorrow at school and we should all be there on Monday because if we all are we could get the cup

  6. Hello Mrs Larkin today was brill I really enjoyed this afternoon with Mr Millican and looking at ways to express our selves ! Also this morning was amazing because I think the FSU children did an excellent job on performing their play!
    See you tomorrow and like Lewis I hope everyone comes so we can get the cup on Friday 🏆

  7. Today in the morning we did our spellings and we all tested each other and then after break we went into groups and we had to think of things all about sport and music and then after we all did that we all went for dinner when the people had there dinner that were playing football on the hardcore and then after we all had to go in we all went in because dinner time had finished and then in the afternoon we all did some maths and in maths we had to draw a graph and i did it perfect the first time and then Mr Millican said and that is what i did today and that’s why i liked all today i dont know if anyone did’nt like it because i did

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