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  1. The Vikings ate bread after making it but only the women could cook. They ate fish, porrige made from oats or barley mixed with milk or water and barley bread.
    They also ate fruit and vegtabulls because they had a farm them self. They were carrots but poor looking white ones,coarse-leaved cabbages and onions. They did not have potatoes, tomatos or sweetcorn. These was not available in Europe until after the 15th century. Tomorrow I think we might be making bread.

    1. Thanks, Tanisha πŸ™‚ I love your research and the fact that you’ve put it into your own words. I see why you think it might be bread… you’ll just have to wait and see!! Caught you… These were not available in Europe!

  2. They used weapons such as: spears,axe,bow and arrow to retrieve hares,rabbits and different types of birds like pheasant from the fields, to survive and feed their family for lots of years until it was their sons’ responsibility to hunt.

  3. I predict that we are going to be cooking fish tomorrow because in them times they ate a lot of fish.We also could be cooking some vegetables because they grew vegetables on their farms.

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