Jor not going to defeat us!!

Year 6 had an epic day today visiting Jorvik to discover more about Viking raiding and battle tactics. It was a little bit brutal and and a little bit gruesome but tons of fun! We’ll need to be careful from now on that we don’t get on the wrong side of Warren Ironside and his Bearded Axe; he’s trained and ready, willing and able to take you down!

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26 thoughts on “Jor not going to defeat us!!

  1. Hi miss Larkin my favourite part of the trip was everything especially the gift shop and staying with my friends especially the teachers !!

    what about you miss Larkin?

    1. I liked the battle tactics workshop; it was a bit like our philosophy lesson today because it was scary in a fun kind of way!

      1. What is battle tactics

        sorry for interrupting your time what ever you were doing but I don’t know what battle tactics are. Sorry again but could you explain what it means because when we went to Jorvik !!

        Sorry again bye have nice day and I’ll see you tomorrow at some point !!

        1. Denisa, please don’t apologise for blogging and asking questions about our learning: I love it!! The workshop that Y6 had was a bit different to yours. You learnt mostly about weapons in raids with your guide but there was a different guide for Y6. He talked about weapons too but also about strategies for winning and defence. It was great! πŸ™‚

  2. My favourite thing was where she bashed the hammer on the coin and where we went through the carousel when we smelled all of the disgusting smells. I liked where when the man was talking about the worlds bigest poo ever and the man was very funny.The trip was very good I would go on it again.

  3. On our trip to Jorvik we went on the mini buses and when we go there we went and saw a Viking and he was talking about what Vikings did. He said they used longships a lot because they could get things around such as food and weapons. We saw what a Viking house looks like and he said they had no walls in the house so he said if they were having dinner and another person was on the loo having a poo and they could smell it all around the house. On the trip it was very fun and very funny we all had a good time I am looking forward to going on another trip like that.

    1. Thanks for that, Lewis – we could have used your review of the trip for assembly today as an example of good grammar – there was nothing for me to catch you out on there πŸ˜‰ You’ll love next term’s trips then – we’ve got two crackers coming up for you!!

  4. I thought the weapons was good because they was expensive to buy .They was hard to use because if it was your first war you wouldn’t know how to use it or fight with it.

    1. I’ve caught you a couple of times.. the weapons were good, they were expensive to buy and they were hard to use. Can you remember when he told us that a sword would cost as much as a house? I couldn’t believe that!!

    1. Definitely! I’ve been before on my own but this was my first time as a class trip and I thought it was brill πŸ™‚

  5. Yeah me too . Will we be going on another trip like that because I would and I know mrs larkin would because she said she will. When we went on the thing when we went through all of the disgusting smells the dead animal was the worst smell ever.

  6. I loved the school trip especially when we went on the ride, all of the horrible smells smelt gross.I loved it when the lady made that coin , that were cool.I hope we go on another trip like this because I really enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks for your post, Bethany: I’ve added your dojo point.
      Caught you: It was cool when the lady made the coin!

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