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We started the day creating runic messages for each other before preparing the food for our feast. We then made coins for trading and  Viking helmets. In the afternoon, we experimented with building using a  wattle and daub technique before thinking about what we would have on our longship when it made  its final journey to the halls of Valhalla. Once they’d been set alight, we ended our day with our delicious feast. Tell us your favourite part of the day…

Jor not going to defeat us!!

Year 6 had an epic day today visiting Jorvik to discover more about Viking raiding and battle tactics. It was a little bit brutal and and a little bit gruesome but tons of fun! We’ll need to be careful from now on that we don’t get on the wrong side of Warren Ironside and his Bearded Axe; he’s trained and ready, willing and able to take you down!

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