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Another week gone in a flash!

I can’t believe there’s only one week left of this half term! We’ve been very busy again in Maths: drawing, measuring and calculating missing angles. Our English work on writing a letter for a dream job has continued; I have to say we have got some very inventive ideas!! In our topic work, we were using maps to try to figure out why the Vikings may have settled where they did and piecing together the clues that we found using the suffixes of place names. We have got to know Mr Millican this week and are looking forward to him teaching some of our lessons next week. Let us know what you’ve enjoyed …

What we did this week!!

This week we focused a lot on subtraction, which we did in lots of ways such as the frog method and the column method. Then we decided to do some compass work where we did diameter, radius and circumference . Surprisingly, we found the radius, diameter and circumference easier than drawing the circle . Then later in the week, we did some science. We had to do a leaflet to try and persuade people to exercise and do more sport .  Also in our leaflet we had to tell people what would happen if we did do exercise .  After that, we did DARE on consequences and risks and how we can take good risks and bad risks and how there will be consequences good and bad .We also did French, P.E. and Computing and for a treat we had a sport enrichment day.

Text by Joel

A fun packed week in Year 6 !!!

This week in Year 6, we wrote a diary from Loki’s point of view. Some of them were very humorous. We were using column subtraction and unfortunately the frog method! Not many of us liked it!  Here is the link for the 24hour digital clock website that we worked on today if you fancy looking after your learning for a few minutes over the weekend.

We read lots of myths such as Medusa the gorgon and continued our DARE work with Officer Warner. In topic, we started some map work looking at where the Vikings sailed from. What did you enjoy this week?

Text by Zakayah & Amelia