Time line expertise

Following our work on time lines last week, I thought some of you might like to show off your chronological and mathematical skills by making up a question or two about the different periods in history that we looked at. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you like! I’ll give you the key dates again to help:

Stone Age: 15,000BC to 2500BC      Bronze Age: 3000BC to 800BC   Iron Age: 800BC to AD43

Celts: 800BC to AD43                           Romans: AD43 to AD410             Saxons: AD449 to AD1066

Vikings: AD793 to AD1066                  Normans: AD1066 to AD1134    Middle Ages: 1154 to 1485

Tudors: 1485 to 1603                          Civil War & Revolution: 1603 to 1714

Empire & Sea Power: 1714 to 1837       Victorians: 1837 to 1901     WWI: 1914 to 1918

WWII: 1939 to 1945

I’ll start you off with a couple of examples:

For how many years did the Saxon and Viking Ages overlap?

After the Bronze Age ended, how long was it before the Romans arrived?


12 thoughts on “Time line expertise

    1. Great to see you on the blog Bethany 🙂 Thanks for your question: how about setting a really challenging one for everyone now too?

  1. Here’s another question. What is the difference between the end of the Bronze age and the beginning of the Normans?

    1. Fantastic question Matthew, I’ll put your points onto the dojo 🙂 I wonder if anyone else will earn a point by answering you?

  2. I would have found the timeline work tricky without the dates – good job I got the sheet with the dates on and then over the week I might do a bit of research

    1. Yes, you were very keen to keep the sheet weren’t you 🙂 I hope you do set us a challenge…
      I’ll put your blog point on the dojo and also another for your super use of Standard English: you used ‘would have‘ properly (instead of ‘would of’ like some of us do by mistake sometimes 🙂 ) Good one!!

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