Monthly Archives: June 2015

Fabulous Fidgets!

…  by that I mean the pies and not the children (although you were pretty fabulous yourselves!) We had a great time today recreating some traditional Derbyshire Fayre: I was rather impressed with the improvement in your cooking and preparation skills. It was pleasing to see you getting stuck in and perfecting your team-working skills. What have you impressed yourselves with today?

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I’m on top of the world!!

Imagine you have jut reached the summit of Mount Everest. Can you write a diary entry about your thoughts and feelings? What difficulties would you have had to overcome? What conditions did you have to face? How do you think you might be feeling? What might your hopes for the future be? Every person that posts an appropriate diary entry before Friday night will receive two signatures.

…and breathe!

What a whirlwind this week has been! It feels as though our feet have never touched the ground this week in Year 6 with every second jam packed with opportunities!

We’ve had children in and out all over the place: some children began shadowing members of staff as part of their homework credit rewards; other children have been out on several sporting fixtures with Mrs Brown and still more have begun the ‘Big Transition’ sessions at Portland! We all went out on Wednesday with Year 5 to the Town Hall for the first Priory Elections where five working parties were in the spotlight as part of our continued work on British Values. Each party presented their manifestos to the rest of the children and were then held to account on their policies and pledges: it soon became clear that we have some budding politicians in our midst!

Yesterday, we had another session with Mark and the Each Amazing Breath team where we watched the video that we star in and completed filming of the training materials that we are involved with producing. All of the staff were extremely complimentary about how great Year 6 have been to work with!

To round our week off today, several children were also involved in the Bikeability Scheme developing cycling and safety skills out and about in our local area. When you’ve had a moment to relax and get your breath back, post us a comment to share your thoughts on this week…