10 thoughts on “Wish you were here?

  1. This is a terrible environment, because it is a tree and it doesn’t look very nice at all. It is really damp and it has got lots of creepy crawlies. I hope I will come back home alive some point of this week yours sincerely, Makayla.

  2. Dear home,
    It so calm and peaceful here. It also looks very artistic and picturesque. Now I am inside it’s like a whole different world, but it is very dangerous near the edge of the mountain side.

  3. Hi family I am enjoying my stay at the Switzerland hotel but on the down side the hotel is on a side of mountain which rocks can fall on top of. I am mad about the servers they have bad manners. They took the food to the wrong table but there is a place to play for Ben and Charlie. Wish you were here lol Jack and Dan.

  4. Dear family , this place is amazing. If you were here you would love it. We are now eating the most delicious pudding ever you must try it

  5. Hello again every one. I know it has been a long time since the last time I was on the blog last,but year seven is flying past and there is only four weeks until I am a year eight! So cuties to that.The rehearsals we are having for the film Annie (we are doing a play on the movie Annie in July) are going longer and longer.Tomorrow is a rehearsal and I have to be there at nine o’clock and it will last three hours,so I will come out of Portland at twelve o’clock. Anyway,the reason it has taken so long to come to the blog to update is because I have been caught up on homework and stuff like that.
    So to the answer to the question of this blog is I don’t think the hotel is exactly stable because of it being high in the mountains of Switzerland. If the hotel was to collapse,every one inside would end up not being able to survive it.

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