The Workhouse: Sanctuary or Sentence #2

Following the first of our visits to the Workhouse, I thought I’d retry with this question,

‘The Workhouse: Sanctuary or Sentence?’

What do you think it means? Is there a clear answer? I’ll be interested to find out your thoughts… As well as this, you can also use this post to share your thoughts on the visit.

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15 thoughts on “The Workhouse: Sanctuary or Sentence #2

  1. You must have had a good time on the visit to the Workhouse.The pictures look great. Here are some questions about your trip: What activities did you do? What important facts did you learn? Was there a gift shop? Did you buy anything from the gift shop? How much did it all come to? Did any of the teachers take part of the activities? Did you take a packed lunch or some thing from school? But above all,did you have good fun?

  2. I really enjoyed the acting in the morning and the workshop in the afternoon. It was a great experience and it helped me understand workhouses better

  3. Well it was a while since I was on the blog so I thought I would tell what I felt in the Victorian workhouse so lets start. I got loads of things to say …

    1: I liked the workhouse because you didn’t need to live on the street and you would have a roof under your head and that is a good fact and also if you didn’t have anything to eat they give it to you and they cook it as well. How fabulous is thatA? nd for a fact you get 12 big potatoes and they look like jacket potatoes so you would fill your tummy with that and you would get meat to it and then your pudding.

    2: It is ”RIDICULOUS !” and not fair that the master only hit the boys but not the girls disgusting . But I know why the master hits them because the boys are trying to run away from the workhouse because they have more work to do than the girls but he should hit the girls as well because the girls have sometimes an attitude but they don’t get hurt. (I WILL USE A MINOR SENTENCE!) ” RIDICULOUS !!! ” ” DISGUSTING !!! ”

    3: You can go outside when it is only SUNNY but if it is raining then you can’t. If it is snowing and you want to go and build a snowman out side you can’t because you wont have any clothes to change because you haven’t got any.

    On a Saturday or Sunday you get your dinner but you also get you pudding and the children are happy about it but one thing they don’t get is any fruit and sweets.They get pudding but only once a week.

    5: Sometimes the master is kind but that is only once a year to be honest the matrons are kind because they are the ones who cook for you and do all your beds. Also the master watches you out of the window if they behave appropriate or not if not they lose meat and dinner and they dont get any thing to eat for a week I think.

    6: The beds are not really conformable because they are really hard and to be honest with you the children needed to sleep on those beds and they felt like rocks. I wonder how those kids could sleep on those beds for whole of the life until they would die in that workhouse or until they would grow

    7: The good thing about the workhouse is that you wouldn’t get to live on the street and that you would have a roof under your head and that you would get warm clothes and food. They would give you beds but they are really unconformable and they are also really hard to sleep on. But they should be happy for what they have got and tough if they don’t like it they need to live in it until they will grow up!!

    8: Also they get education from the teacher Miss Hath which is very strict and shouty. If you get a question wrong then she will shout at you. When she will ask you a question then you need to stand up and say it in a sensible way and if you don’t do that then you would get shouted at. When you finish talking then you need to say thank you Miss Hath and you cant sit down until she will tell you to.

    10: Boys get more work than the girls because the boys are stronger and they need to do more work. All the girls have to do is just help the paupers with cooking cleaning and all sorts of stuff. You will also need to walk to church on every Sunday 3 miles there and then 3 miles back for the dinner and the 3 miles again to go there and then 3 miles back and do work.

    Ok miss larkin I think I have done enough writing now and I think I told you what I have already learnt. Can you please tell miss howard that now I will be doing my spellings and I will get 10\10 on my spellings because I have done lots of pages. Ok and bye and see ya tommoraw xxx love wiktoria

    1. You’ve more than made up for being off the blog for so long! I’m so glad you enjoyed our trip and have discovered more about the workhouse system 🙂

  4. 9 reasons I think the workhouse was a bad place to stay

    1. The beds are so uncomfortable they are made out of straw and are as hard as rocks: they are awful. I wouldn’t like to sleep on them at all

    2. The food is disgusting: the gruel is runny,salty and watery and the children are fed quite a lot of potatoes in one week

    3. If you don’t bow for the matron when she comes then you will be shouted at (only the girls)

    4. Because matron would shut all the doors at night and they couldn’t get out of their bedrooms so they would have a pot (which they called a guzunder ) and the girls had too get it each morning and get rid of all the stuff in it.

    5 . It is good because you get free education which you wouldn’t get when you were living on the streets and you need that to get a job

    6 .it is also good because if you are poorly than you get to see the medical officer which if you were on the streets then you would have to pay for it

    7 . The master would whip the boys and not the girls which isn’t fair

    8 . You would only get to see your family for one hour on a Sunday (if you had any family )

    9 . You would have to walk 12 miles on a Sunday to church: 3 miles to church,3 miles back for dinner,3 miles back to church and 3 miles back to the workhouse.

    1. There are plenty of reasons there why the workhouse wasn’t pleasant. Does that mean you’re totally against it then?

  5. I hope you enjoyed your trip. I think I know something about it that when you get a knotted piece of weed you ask for more food.

  6. All of these sound really good.Since my last blog,I have caught a cold,but I am taking cough medicne to stop me coughthing.We are performing for a play called Annie.I am hoping for a part in it.

  7. I loved it when we had to get dressed up in the clothes because it made me feel like I was actually a Victorian child and it was a little bit funny when we saw the boys in their clothes. what did you think of the trip? I hope everyone had a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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