Food Glorious Food?!

As today was World Book Day, we decided to ‘link our learning’ and celebrate it by looking at a very popular book from the Victorian era: Oliver Twist. We began the day with a serving of gruel before sampling other delights later in the day such as pease pudding, hot sausage & mustard and cold jelly & custard. As you can see from the photos, we definitely thought some of the foods were more glorious than others!

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32 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food?!

  1. I really enjoyed reading to year 1 and I hope year 6 did too. Also I liked listening to Oliver Twist. What happened to Fagin?

    1. Yes thanks Alanna I did.I always enjoy the different things we to to celebrate it at Priory. My favourite part of the day was the buddy read when we joined up with a Year 2 partner.

    1. I have to admit, some things were nicer than others!! Did you try any new foods whilst you were away?

  2. I hope you all liked making them,they really look appetising and i bet it was great fun. Portland is getting harder,but i have not been late to a single lesson (you have five minutes to get to each lesson).i have only been late once and that gave me my first detention. The other detention was being in a corridor at dinner time,and corridors are out of bounds at dinner time and break time. i am so tired of walking all around the school to get to lesson (every lesson is one hour). So the day goes:first lesson,second lesson,break,tutor (or on a Monday,assembly),third lesson, fourth lesson(you do thirty minutes of this lesson and then break for dinner,dinner is thirty minutes and then we go back to the other half of fourth lesson)then fifth lesson. After that,you can go to an enrichment club which is also an hour long. These clubs are free. There is a breakfast club which is free too. You can have toast and milkshake in the breakfast club. Breakfast club is in the bridge which is in the Green corridor which is above the Austin corridor. Every corridor has a name (Green,Austin,Newton,Da Vinci,Scott,Valtair and Faraday)

      1. My favourite lessons is science and d.t, Mrs Larkin. In science,you are taught to use things such as Bunsen burners. In DT,you are taught to make things like cookies, fruit salad, muffins if you are having cooking lessons, milk cartons,alarm clocks, mazes and many more. The last two lessons I had today were science and DT, which comes as a surprise. They are the reason for this little blog that I have put up for you and any one who wants to read it, the last one I posted on here counts as a little update about Portland.
        Listen to me year 6, get ready for a hard working time in year seven, never be late for class and above all…..enjoy the remainder of your time in year 6. Concentrate when it comes to sats, because once you have done sats, it seems like it is over but you will get harder things in year seven called a Praising Stars assessment. There is more than one, by the way, you will get a lot of these to see if you are getting higher grades throughout your five years at Portland. So work hard but beware, there will be lots of tears at the end of the last day of year six, just to warn you. But secondary school is not really scary as I am making it out. On your first day of school, remember to get there really early. You will be able to go around at eight o’clock and be given twenty five minutes to walk around, every morning. You might see some of your old school friends from the last year six and I will see you next year and don’t worry about moving up to year seven, whatever you do.

        1. Thanks for those words of wisdom, Jessica, it’s always good when previous Priory pupils share their positive experiences of the transition to secondary school. Do me a favour though: just because you’re not in Year 6, you still need to include capital letters if you want to be on our blog!! I’ve added them this time, but I want you to do it properly like you used to next time πŸ™„ πŸ™‚

          1. Ok, Mrs Larkin. I will try to add capital letters in my posts and updates. How is year six going so far? I feel like I have said so much about Portland.This is the last little update that I will post for a bit about my school. Precisely,on the day: Wednesday 11th of March, I managed to get two pledges. One for walking to school every day and the other for attending an after school club on a Wednesday.And I am jumping for joy because of it! We have ten pledges to earn in Portland for us to do any thing such as move up a certain year or go to the year elevens prom when you get to that year. And did I ever tell you what the consequences board is? If not , then I will say. This board is some thing where basically if you are warned for something, the first time they will let you off but if you continue, you would get a c1. If you backchat to the teacher, they will give you a c2, then if you groan or something then that could get you a c3. If you continue to talk to one of your friends on a c3, then that would get you a c4, which is a detention.If you don’t go then that will get you a c5, which you do not want, I am telling you this right now. You would have thought there was nothing worse then being in a room and being quiet for an hour, but there is something worse than that. C5 is the consequences room and trust me you do not want to be in that room. I have never been in this room but I know what it is like. You have to be in this room for the whole day if you get a c5, so do not risk it. A c6 is where you are expelled for a few days. And there is worse. C7 is permanent exclusion. Now I have all that finally out, I have something to say. My birthday is in six days from today.I will be twelve.Yay!

          2. Thanks for the update on consequences and for using capital letters! I hope you have a lovely birthday πŸ™‚

  3. Did every one have a good Mothers Day? What did you get for your mums? Did you go any where like a fancy restaurant or a pub? On Mothers Day, me and my sister gave our mum a card and a box of chocolates. I accidently caught my toe on the floor boards and now some of the skin is peeling off. Later on, we went to a pub, just the four of us:my mum,my dad,my sister and me. The food there was deliciously mouth watering. For the main course,I had:chips,sausage and gravy. For desserts, I had:chocolate sponge cake. For drinks,I had two coca colas.Hopefully,nobody slaved on their keyboards too much to respond to this post.Lol!!!:) If you want more posts and updates about Portland,then post back and write what you want to know and what you think I have not posted on yet. I will see your questions next time I come on the blog. I will release another post with answers,bros! Until then,keep tight with excitement!:)

    1. Hello again, Jess πŸ™‚ Funnily enough, I was sharing your posts with Year 6 today. I have to say, I’m impressed with how you’re trying to include good punctuation and sentence openers in your posts! We shall see if you get any questions…

  4. Ok,Mrs Larkin. I am excited to be answering any questions that year six have. What did they say about the thought of having me answering questions about Portland? Do you think you could put up a blog for this to happen? I am looking forward to your answer to my questions. Year six, if there is a blog put up for Portland questions, then bring on them on!!!I will do my best to explain your answers as fully as possible!!!:)

  5. Well I really enjoyed that day but I didn’t try most of the food because I went out. I tried the gruel and the sausages but I didn’t try the kebab. I liked when we was reading to the younger ones because that is really helpful for my opinion.

    I really liked trying food well any foods what come on my way. If they are horrible then I chuck it away if it is nice but not that nice I can just try in and chew it but if it is not nice like the mustard then I put it to the bin. If it is really nice then I would ask for more.

    I really liked when Henry asked for more to Miss Taylor and then Miss Taylor shouted at him like Mr Bumble and he needed to go and sit out but miss Taylor was just acting same as Henry.

    I also liked the day because we had like sort of a different day like we normally have because we had a VICTORIAN DAY !!! which was really good day and I enjoyed everything about it. I like the way how we sat boys on the left and girls on the right I know why miss larkin did that because the boys and girls wasn’t allowed near each other – like on the trip the girls were separate and the boys were separate.

    I hope we will have a other fun day like that !!!

    1. I’m pleased you enjoyed the day and had a try of the different foods. Trying them is more important than liking them!

      1. Seriously Wiktoria??? The post you’ve just sent is way too long!!! Choose your best parts and re-post it please lol!

  6. I really enjoyed that day it was great. I didn’t like the gruel, mustard or the pease pudding but the day was still fun and I really loved it in the morning when we had to keep rewriting our times tables. I actually felt like a Victorian and wouldn’t want to live in that era . I think the Victorian era was a terrible time to live and glad I’m alive today and not then

  7. I liked it too: it really made me feel like a Victorian child with all the teachers being strict to us

  8. I really enjoyed when you were being strict because I felt like in the olden times
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ lol

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