Monthly Archives: March 2015

This week in Year 6

This week in year six we have been looking at calculating  percentages and fractions of quantities in maths. We have been playing lots of maths games and doing word problems.

We have been looking at  poems and today we did a Priory’s All Write in Literacy. For our class book we are reading Wind Singer: Slaves of the Mastery. What has happened in the story so far year 6?

In Science, we have been looking at how to keep your heart healthy.

Text by Sophie, Leah & Kayleigh

Food Glorious Food?!

As today was World Book Day, we decided to ‘link our learning’ and celebrate it by looking at a very popular book from the Victorian era: Oliver Twist. We began the day with a serving of gruel before sampling other delights later in the day such as pease pudding, hot sausage & mustard and cold jelly & custard. As you can see from the photos, we definitely thought some of the foods were more glorious than others!

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