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Year 6 get creative!!

We’ve had a very creative time this week in Year 6: we have been developing our sketching skills by trying to represent the Parthenon; using wax crayons to do some scratch art based on Ancient Greek images; sketching mythical beasts and using Thinking Skills to create our own versions. Finally, we finished the week by designing and making our own Ancient Greek style vases. Have a look at a few of the photos of us using the clay then let us know what your highlights of the week have been…

Wriggly worms

Year 6 had a brilliant Friday afternoon constructing two worm huts to link in with our  Science and RE work. Hopefully, it won’t be very long before we’re harvesting our own worm compost and worm tea! There was lots of team work happening too as we got on with some problem solving to figure out the instructions for building the huts. Check out the pictures to see how we got on…

A weekend challenge from Makayla

Hi Y6
ART-  At home can you draw me a Parthenon?
*draw the Parthenon
** to draw the Parthenon with your own pictures
*** to do * and ** and to label your Parthenon with Greek keywords
SCIENCE- Can you draw the worm hut we built and if you can find any other type of worm huts on the internet copy a link and post it to me.
TIMES TABLES-  Mrs Larkin 8’s and 9’s                                            Miss Taylor 3’s and 4’s
1×8 2×8 3×8 4×8     1×9 2×9 3×9 4×9                                                 1×3 2×3 3×3 4×3   1×4 2×4 3×4 4×4
PS- I’m doing this at Worksop library youth club if you want to come its really fun I’ll be there every Friday and  it’s free (but only on a Friday ) Monday Tuesday (Rhodesia) Wednesday ( 30p ) Friday free
Have fun! If do you all three tasks you can have 5 raffle tickets from my raffle ticket book ( that I’ve had for ages)
1×9= 3×9= 5×9= 7×9= 10×9=   2×8= 4×8= 6×8= 9×8=

Makayla, Leah & Denny-Lou’s Challenge

Good Afternoon Y6
Here are a few tasks for you to do.

SCIENCE -Try and find these leaves: sycamore, laurel, holly, dock, oak, maple.
Use them to draw your own classification key and bring it in to show Leah for a prize. The first 3 will get 1 signature and 1 raffle ticket each. The best 3 get the reward of 1 signature and 2 raffle tickets each
ART – * To draw a vase and add your own Ancient Greek picture
** To draw your vase in careful detail
*** To draw and try and label what you can see
The best one will get 15 raffle tickets

Makayla’s Monday Post

Good afternoon Y6!
At around 03:00pm we have been doing times tables. Can you complete these questions?
Miss Taylor’s 3’s and 4’s                     Mrs Larkin’s 8’s and 9’s
1×3 5×3 10×3 6×3 1×4 5×4 10×4 6×4  1×9 5×9 10×9 6×9 11×9  1×8 5×8 10×8 6×8 11×8
Who is your favourite character from the Wind Singer and why?
My favourite person is Pinto Hath because she was really funny when she was taking her test  because Ira Hath (Pinto’s mum) went wiss wiss wiss!!! (ha ha ha)
Happy Blogging Y6  (I’ll be back next Monday )
by Makayla