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Another Week Gone…


Text by Leah, Millie, Kayleigh and Courtney

This week we have begun writing our newspapers in Literacy and did our first Priory’s All Write. We also wrote different styles of poem for the Out of this World Competition. We have been learning lots of Geographical language for our topic work and we went on our visit to Weston Park Museum.

What did we do on the trip? Do you remember anything about Athena and any  facts that Anita told us?
Science: with Mrs Dorrington we classified plants. Can you remember what the sorts of plants she brought in were?

Scientific Names

As you enjoyed finding out some of the scientific names of different animals this afternoon during our Science work, I thought I’d set you all a little challenge: I’ll award two raffle tickets per answer and a class credit if you find all of the scientific names for the animals listed…

Great white shark, common dolphin, hippopotamus, Siberian tiger, greater flamingo, meerkat, polar bear, red fox,  giraffe, snow leopard


It’s Friday!

Hello year 6 Anna and Tamara here, hope youhave all had a good week. Can you remember what we have done this week?

In SPAG: we  have being converting its and it’s and whose and who’s

In Topic: we looked at our artefacts and thought of an account for them.

We also began our DARE course with Officer Warner on Thursday. Don’t forget to do your homework

In Maths: using protractors to draw acute,obtuse and reflex angles. If you want  3 raffle tickets complete this challenge (3 for the first 3 people 1 for 5 runners up).

1.If I have a  triangle and one of the angles is 45degrees and another is 64 degrees what is the other?