Monthly Archives: September 2014

Perfect Pancakes!

Year 6 had a great time during their Golden Afternoon with Mrs Dorrington and Mrs Plumley. Everyone had a turn at making, cooking, tossing and eating pancakes (topped with delicious homegrown apples from the school wildlife area) with Mrs Plumley. As well as that, Mrs Dorrington helped them to learn ten European capital cities to earn another stamp for their 100 list passport. Check out some of the photos below…

Who’s the greatest?


Now that we’ve read a few Greek Myths, who is your favourite god or goddess so far? Maybe it’s not a god or goddess, but a mortal? Can you give any reasons why?

My favourite so far is Perseus because I think he had many admirable qualities. Firstly, he was loyal and protective towards his mother, Danae. As well as this, I thought he faced his challenges with bravery and intelligence such as when he used the shield to kill Medusa. Saving Andromeda showed he was caring and gentlemanly as he could have just flown past her and left her to her fate, but instead he chose to rescue her from the sea serpent. What a hero!

Mini Myths Challenge

As lots of you have really enjoyed the Greek Myths we have been reading this week, I thought I’d set a challenge on them: Can you summarise one of the  ones we’ve looked at (or another that you’ve read independently) in no more than three sentences? Just to remind you, we’ve done Jason & the Golden Fleece, Echo & Narcissus, Daedalus & Icarus and Pandora’s Box.

There’s a link here if you wanted to read a few more before next week…

Topic Launch

To all members of the Museum Exhibition Design Company: thank you for being so professional during both of our topic launches today 🙂 We are delighted with how you responded to the new style launches and think you have made a great start to the commission we were set by our special visitor. The Greek Alphabet song was superb too! What did you think to it all?

Now that you’ve had a chance to think about it, do you want to suggest any other areas that we’ll need to research before we present our exhibition in December?