Think back over the years you’ve spent at Priory. What has been your proudest moment? Funniest memory? Was there an occasion when you were really scared of something and overcame it? Share your best memories here…

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  1. I have soooo many memories of Priory I am not sure where to begin so here goes:

    Proudest Moment: Wow this is tricky…….. I think when I was chosen to represent Priory at the Sheffield Institute of Sport.

    Funniest Moment: Well I can remember when I hadn’t been in Nursery very long at Priory and myself and some others thought it was a good idea to play hide and seek at playtime – but when playtime was over the person seeking went in but didn’t tell us playtime was over so we carried on hiding. After a while, we realised it had gone very quiet and where had everyone gone? We hadn’t even noticed the teachers had all been looking for us sometime after – we obviously hid really well, in between the sheds! Funny looking back but at the time not so funny I remember my Mum coming to collect me and having to speak to Mrs Hurt – I had to spend some time sat on a bench with the other boys to think about what we had done. I’m sorry Mrs Hurt I understand now how worried you all must of been but at the time it was just hide and seek.
    Scariest Moment: I haven’t really had scary moments at Priory but I have had times when I have been nervous like just before SATS and before we visited Portland for our transition but now I am looking forward to a new adventure.
    Thank you to all the staff at Priory that have made my time here amazing from Foundation to Y6, I have enjoyed every minute. Even though we are challenged, I know this is because you want us to do our best. I have made great friendships …….. you know who you are guys! and memories I will never forget.
    Go Priory – you’re the best!

    1. Thanks Finn, that’s exactly the sort of post I was hoping for πŸ™‚ I’m sure all of the teachers that read your memories will be touched by your comments and will appreciate the positive comments you make about coming to Priory. I bet Mrs Hurt will have a good laugh when she’s reminded of the hide and seek incident too πŸ˜†

  2. I can remember coming to Priory, it was scary at first but I got used to it. I met a lot of friends here and I will never forget them, whatever happens. Going to Portland was scary especially in class with older students of year 11. I have already made some friends and met some friends from my old school!

    1. It sounds like you’ve made a good start; I bet you can’t wait to start in September! πŸ™‚

  3. Well Year 6, I remember when you were very little … and it only seems like yesterday! I hope that you will leave us with lots of good memories of happy times. Good luck in your new schools. We will miss you all, but we are looking forward to hearing great things about you and your achievements. πŸ™‚

  4. My memory is when I first started priory I was scared but I made all new friends and many more times like the
    Sheffield institute of sports

  5. Being chosen to sing
    All of our trips
    Scariest was sats and transition days
    the best moments are where we were all together at school
    I’ll never forget any one and and any memories at priory

  6. My happiest moment was when I first played football on the big pitch and fouled Joseph Walus by accident and he chased me all around the playground in the afternoon with Mason.

  7. My memories at Priory are when I first got in the football team and when we went to the Sheffield Institute of Sport and I won the 1000 metre sprint. When I got star of the term I was amazed

  8. One of my best memories of Priory is when I was given my SATS results, when I saw I had achieved not one, but 2 level 6’s, I was overjoyed – that has got to be one of my best memories throughout my time here!

  9. My best memories are school trips and doing the play. Scariest was sats and transition days. I will never forget anyone

  10. My times at Priory have been amazing – I will never forget them. I had some fun moments; all the great trips. Thank you for all the great activities you have done for us

    1. My time at Priory has been amazing I would like to say thank you to all of the teachers for helping me. I loved all of the trips it made it a very fun time and a very happy time. I enjoyed the fun topics and activities and the extras I took part in.

  11. My best memory is when we went to camp – it was great and finding our SATS results I got good remarks

  12. I haven’t been here since foundation so I have liked being in Year 6. But this year I have really liked doing my sport with Mrs Brown and I have liked doing my art with Mrs Larkin.

  13. I can also remember my first assembly here . The hall was huge. I remember my first playtime and lunch time.

  14. My memories:
    Going to the fire station in Year two and using the hose.
    In Year three we went to Gainsborough Old Hall
    In Year four we went to Eden Camp… What a trip!

  15. We haven’t been at Priory that long, but we’ve had the BEST TIME EVER!

    We have achieved loads of things

    For example when we came second at the Sheffield English Institute of Sport or when we went to the semi finals at Netball.

  16. I have loads of memories…In year 2 I remember we had a student teacher (Miss Hogg) and we were painting and the pot tipped over and all the paint splatted in my eye! I have loads of different memories from every class, too many that I can’t list them all. There are many teachers (all of them) I would like to thank for their amazing efforts preparing me and my mates for this big step in our lives. We can’t thank you enough. I will never forget anybody and every day Priory will still be in my mind and it will always have a place in my heart. xx

  17. Priory school has been a big part of my life. Its like my second family. Ive been there since my 3rd birthday and will never forget you all :'(

  18. HI guys our memories are

    When we were altogether and someone would do or say something funny and we would all start laughing xxx
    Harriett: my best memory is where everyone is together and there is always one that will make you laugh xxx

    My best memory is when we went to the prom and all the teachers blasting out their mooves lol πŸ™‚

    My saddest memory was saying goodbye. Having our t shirts signed was weird. We watched the last year sixes and then it was us. I cried after school. I will never forget it came to soon Xxx

    Harriett my saddest memory is when I left year six because almost everyone cried πŸ™ x

    I would say when we left it went too fast and now we are moving on

    All our love Tamzin Emilian and Harriett xxx

    1. Hi Lauren, it’s lovely to hear from you. Yes, I’ve been having a great holiday, thanks πŸ™‚ Hope you have too?

  19. When I was at priory my favourite moments were
    . Prom
    .Presenting assemblies
    .Being with friends
    Awards ceremonies
    All these have some of my favourite things that happened, I loved prom because I got to spend time with my friends and teacher for last time for a while , assemblies because I loved talking in front of people, being with friends because I loved spending time with them , awards ceremonies because it celebrated peoples achievements , PE because I loved sports especially rounders and also because Mrs Brown was the best sports teacher I have ever known and she’s really kind and SATS because I loved tests.

    Miss you all Bethany

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