Monthly Archives: May 2014

Super SATs

This week we have been doing our SATs tests, luckily it all went well and we enjoyed it. In the afternoons we had great fun doing relays to revise. We enjoyed watching the animated version of The Tempest. Yesterday, we did the Penn Resilience Programme ,  where we did all sorts of different role plays. Mrs Larkin nearly made us all faint when she said we had an extra test to do because we’d done a wrong one but fortunately it was just a trick! Today we are doing a Jamie Oliver cook off: we’re making rainbow salad wrap – lets hope they are nice yum! yum! 🙂 🙂 🙂


By Jasmine and Tamzin

Really rapid revision

This week we have increased how many people have done homework  🙂 We have been rapidly getting classcredits and we have done some maths, which was fun. We have been doing spag which now everyone loves doing the worksheets which Mrs Larkin gives us .On Wednesday we were on Scratch doing Coding and Kyle R wizzed through Herbert and Felix with a little bit of help from Andrew . Have a great three day weekend! Make sure you reply once you have done your homework . 🙂

Text by Harriett , Andrew and Alice