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Supreme Sixes

In numeracy, we have been learning fractions, percentages and decimals. We have been making cards to celebrate Mothering Sunday. Also, we have been learning how the eye works and we watched a video of someone cutting a cow’s eye open! In SPAG we have been learning about masculine(male), feminine(female) and common nouns. We have been so good that we reached 15 class credits and won a prize… which was…A FILM.
We did our mental maths test and loads of people got good scores Tyler managed to get twenty out of twenty!!!

Text by Tyler and Finlay

Which volcano am I? #7

I am a volcano in Columbia, South America. My eruption in 1985 was small when compared to those by other volcanoes, but the mudflows it caused made my eruption the second deadliest volcanic disaster of the 20th Century and the fourth deadliest in recorded history. 23,000 people died and damages reached one billion dollars. Which volcano am I?

As usual, I’ll award two signatures for those posting correct answers and one for additional facts. Good luck!

Marvellous Magna

We’ve had  lots of fun again in Year 6 this week, especially during our visit to Magna on Thursday. It was great fun attending the workshop where we became Vulcanologists and Geologists investigating rocks and volcanoes. I was impressed by the way you completed the activities and shared your topic knowledge with our guide – I know he was impressed by you all! We also had the chance to investigate all of the pavilions: which one was your favourite? Let us know and maybe share something new that you found out whilst we were there.


You wear it well…

Dobrusia keeps the crown for the second week in a row and remains our Queen of the City 🙂 Well done to you, Dobrusia and thank you to all of the children that have completed activities this week. You’ll be pleased to get your hands on another of the One Direction prizes 😉

I’d like to give a special mention to Giga, who is a new face on the class report this week – I’ll put you a signature on the chart on Monday. I’ll also put one on for you, Josh: it looks like you’ll be back in the game if you have a big push next week…

Which volcano am I?

I am a volcano in Iceland, covered by a glacial ice cap. I am famous for my eruption in 2010. The eruption threw volcanic ash high into the atmosphere and caused air travel disruption in North West Europe for six days. Many fights were cancelled as people had to wait for the ash to disperse. Which volcano am I?

I will give two signatures to everyone that replies before Friday evening. Once I publish the answer, I’ll give a signature to everyone posting new facts that they have found out about the volcano. Please be selective with what you post!

A new Queen of the City!

Well the girls have certainly made up for their slow start! Our new Queen of the City is Dobrusia who was streets ahead completing by far the most activities. Special mention for Jonathan who was her  nearest rival for the throne.

Well done to all of you who completed activities this week: they were really carefully chosen to work on suitable areas. I’ll put you a class credit on, on Monday, as there was such an increase in activity 🙂 Who will be crowned next week..? And a message for Josh: have you gone in for early retirement?!

Volcanic 6

This week in Year 6 we have been: making our mod roc volcanoes;  painting them and adding texture (we really enjoyed it!); we also learnt about and drew our own habitat and we learnt which animals live in which habitats. We started our topic review. This week in penn resilience programme we hot seated about what we felt and whether it was true or not. We are really looking forward to exploding our volcanoes next week.  🙂

text by Tamzin and Indiana