10 thoughts on “Quote me on that!!

  1. “I was at my sweet shop and then it started to get hotter and hotter… I saw the lava was everywhere in my shop!” reported the teenager Lucy

  2. DR David Wilson reported ” That was all I had my family had that burger shop and it’s burnt to a crisp what shall I do ? “

  3. “My cake shop is at the foot of MT Vesuvius and I escaped but my shop burnt with the hot lava”. Quoted Kyle Webster the local person.

  4. Ryan Davis (the 17 year old ) reported, “That was a tragedy the carpet started to burn under my feet then the next second it’s up in flames ”

    1. Good one, Tamzin – I like how you’ve included our work on brackets from today too! For your next one, could you use a different word to reported?

      Hannah, when you include some punctuation, I’ll publish yours!
      Andrew, re-read yours: does it make sense?!

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