This week, I have been…

Why don’t you let us know what you’ve been up to during the holidays? Have you met up with friends or family? Been somewhere special? Send a quick post to tell us all.

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  1. Well where can I start……Most days I have been at the canch with my friends, I got some new trainers because I wore my other ones out by playing out so much! Lily slept at my house on Wednesday: we went on a walk in Clumber Park, we afterwards ate a McDonald’s then we got the party started! We were eating sweets ,coke and crisps whilst watching a film. It was fun! I had a good week how was the rest of Y6’s week?

  2. Busy week – on Sunday we all went as a family to crazy golf with Kyle D.
    On Wednesday me and Josh went to the cinema to watch Mr Peabody and Sherman.
    On Thursday I went with Josh and Tyler to a football event in Stavely.
    On Friday me and my family went to Banbury to see my great auntie and my great uncle and stayed over night.
    Today I played football for Manton Athletics – we won 6-1.
    Oh and not to mention education city and practice sats.
    Looking forward to being back to school tomorrow.

  3. What can I start with…
    On Sunday, I went to the canch with Elle, Emilian, Lily, Emily, Wiktoria and me…
    On Monday, Me, my mum, Wiktoria and my step dad went to McDonald’s and we had a great time there…
    On Wednesday, my mum went to work and my step dad went to Tesco and got some sweets for me and Wiktoria (I don’t know why ) and they were yummy…
    On Thursday, my mum did spaghetti for our dinner and it was really yummy… After that my mum have to go to the hospital to see if the baby in her tummy if is okay ( my mum is pregnant )…
    On Friday, I was sick and I’m ill, I was laying on the sofa all the day, I was sick about 3 times, my mum, Wiktoria and my dad went to the town and bought some tablets…
    On Saturday, I was still ill and my mum, Wiktoria and me went to my cousin’s and at 5 o’clock Wiktoria went to Makayla’s birthday party to Manton club and then me, my mum and my step dad went to Mcdonald’s to buy something like hamburgers and chips. When Wiktoria came back at 7 o’clock, she didn’t believe that we went to Mcdonald’s with out her ( lol )…
    On Sunday, we haven’t done anything really because my mum was sleeping to about 12:00pm, me and Wiktoria were sleeping to 10:00am and then the time went so fast, I was laying on sofa all the day. I don’t think I’m going to be at school tomorrow because I’m very ill…
    And this is what I did all this week ( quite loads )…

  4. I have had a great half term. I’ve been so busy:
    Cinema with Finn. Mums went for coffee and cake!!!!!
    Ice Skating with Tyler
    Football academy with Finn and Tyler – Mum treated us to KFC
    Looked after my friend with a broken leg for the day
    Jonathan came to ours for a sleep over it was so funny!!!!!!
    Sunday we had a football match and I scored !!!!

  5. I really enjoyed going to Skegness and working on my art project and doing somethings off my 100 list. It was great fun but I missed all of my friends and I missed all the teachers too but I saw some off my friends. I hope every body else had a good weekend like I did.

  6. My half term was not what I expected it to be!!! I thought I was going to see my cousin (I know that you know Page)nearly all week but didn’t. It was my mums birthday on the 21st:(:)

  7. Where shall I start…..
    Saturday: I had a pyjama day today- I chilled out on the sofa and watched TV (mostly the winter Olympics) my favourite sport was the ice hockey!
    Sunday: We went to Costa!!!! Yippee!!!! I played on my Xbox on the new snowboarding game my dad bought me – it is really cool!
    Monday: I went to the cinema to see Free Birds (it is a must see!!!) Me, Matthew, my mum and Charlotte all went to the library to return some books and to borrow some more, I got a book all about the history of Old Trafford (Man U fan) We also went to the canch and I saw Emilian, Nikola, Wiktoria, Elle-may, Lily and Emily.
    Tuesday: We went to my Grandma and Grandads to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday and we stayed over night – we stayed up late to watch Turbo and had cake!
    Wednesday: Me and my family spent the day at Ely and we went to the cathedral there, Ely is near the Fens.
    Thursday: My mum had to stay at home to do some work so my dad took us three to Clumber Park to walk a bit and go on the park!
    Friday: We went for a day out at Bakewell, we had fish and chips and I bought a millionaires shortbread! Yum Yum!!!!!
    Saturday: I did my maths, reading and spelling homework that day and then I went to Josh’s for a sleepover. We played on his trampoline, ate pizza, played FIFA 14, had sweets, watched some films, had a game of pool – I won (sorry Josh!) and played on the trampoline some more!!!!!
    Sunday: Me and Josh were up at 6:30 on the trampoline then we had bacon sandwiches. They were delicious!!! I had to go home then.
    Holidays over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I did do quite a lot though)

  8. I had a great half term my cousin came to stop at our house for 2 days it was amazing !!!! We had mcdonalds , I slept at my nans house for the night went to the BMX track on the field hope you all had a good half term !!!

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