7 thoughts on “What are you doing???!!!

  1. Are you a volcanologist?
    What are you doing?
    Why are you doing this?
    How are you doing this?
    where are you doing this?
    What volcano are you studying at the moment?
    Why are your shoes on fire?


    How hot is the volcano ?
    Do you have safe clothes?
    Which volcano are you on?
    Why are your shoes on fire?
    Do you like the volcano?
    Is it very important on the volcano?

  3. Here a some questions I would ask
    Are you a volcanologist?
    Are filming a volcano?
    Why are you there?
    Which volcano are you watching?
    Why are your shoes burning?
    Are you proving to the world that volcanoes are deadly?
    When were your feet burning?
    Have you filmed yourself in the volcano?
    How hot are your feet?
    Do you like the volcano?
    When you leave would you ever go back?
    Is the volcano important?
    Are you stood on solidified lava?
    Are you the first person to see it erupted?

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