This week in Year 6

This week, we’ve been busy learning about different types of average in Numeracy and we’ve rounded off our learning with Miss Cocker and Miss Earl by playing some great maths games today. Earlier in the week, we completed our newspaper reports about a volcanic eruption and wrote similes and metaphors in SPAG. We’ve learnt how to create links within PowerPoint and continued our Science investigations into forces. We’ve learnt another couple of songs to help our learning this week: can you remember the words to the averages song and the 5 Ks song?

Have a great holiday and keep checking in on the blog to reply to the new posts πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “This week in Year 6

  1. Hey diddle diddle, the median’s the middle, you add then divide for the mean,the mode is one that you see the most and the range is the difference between.
    kes,kangha,kerpan,kara,kachehra (baggy shorts.)

    1. Kara (iron wristlet) kirpan(sword), kangha (wooden comb), kes (untrimmed hair). I clicked post comment when I went to move the mouse! What a slippy-up!HAHAHAHAHA!(::)

  2. I hope you have a good week mrs and I hope your family has a good week as well.

    I have a wobbly tooth as well. Today me and Nikola are going to do our home work at her house.

  3. I liked learning the mode, mean, range and the median. At first when we learnt it I knew what to do on each one but I got muddled up when thinking which one is which!

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